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Established on 28th of March 2010 as "paid to post" forum, ITalkMoney had soon turned into one of the best places to discuss online money making opportunities. Here you will find many ways of earning good income on Internet, like various investment opportunities, online gambling and betting, playing with HYIPs or discuss Forex. You can interact with many famous Forex brokers, discuss different trading styles and platforms, EAs, binary options, stock market and indices. There are also various "Get paid To..." opportunities and don't forget the advertising section where you can advertise your own opportunities and look for referrals. Join in and have fun!
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Evidenzia ITalkMoney - Announcements and Discussion ITalkMoney - Announcements and Discussion

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Info and Announcements - Please read before you start posting

Here is where all the rules are and info about how this forum will be organised. Please read it before you start posting!

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i want to know more about 3... - ultimo messaggio da Jain

Community Discussions

  1. General Chat ,
  2. Ask For Help ,
  3. Introduce Yourself ,
  4. Forum Suggestions ,
  5. Computer and Internet Discussion ,
  6. Humor ,
  7. World News and Events

Discuss general topics, introduce yourself, post forum suggestions, or ask for help. It's all here! Please don't post new hyips or autosurfs or other type of programs here, and no referral links or personal sites or blogs.

  • 1116 Discussioni
  • 1950 risposte
Get $1000 Bitcoin Loan... - ultimo messaggio da beritas

Social Networking

  1. Social Bookmarks ,
  2. Social Communities ,
  3. Social Media ,
  4. Social Networks

Discuss the Various Social Networks, Strategies, Monetization and tips, Exchange Votes, and Build Friends

  • 130 Discussioni
  • 457 risposte
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International Chat

  1. Arabic Speaking Nations ,
  2. China ,
  3. Ex-Yugoslavia (Ex-Yu) ,
  4. French Speaking Nations ,
  5. Germany ,
  6. Indonesia ,
  7. India and Pakistan ,
  8. Italy ,
  9. Japan ,
  10. Lithuania ,
  11. Malaysia ,
  12. Philippines ,
  13. Russia ,
  14. Romania ,
  15. Singapore ,
  16. Scandinavian Speaking Nations ,
  17. Spanish Speaking Nations

The international sections are for general discussions and helping people from your country only. For specific program discussion visit the appropriate program sections.

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  • 9431 risposte
Fbs - Broker 2 Juta Umat - ultimo messaggio da peterpanfx

Payout requests

Have you reached the minimum payout ? Request withdrawal here when you reach 100 posts

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Minimum Cash Out - ultimo messaggio da sinip

ItalkMoney Payment Proofs

Have you been paid by ITalkMoney? Please post your payment proof here!

  • 262 Discussioni
  • 147 risposte
hyipsmonitor - 3nd payment... - ultimo messaggio da mohdusmanali123

Evidenzia HYIPs, Autosurfs and Other Ways to Earn with the High-Risk Industry HYIPs, Autosurfs and Other Ways to Earn with the High-Risk Industry

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HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) Discussion

  1. Closed, Inactive, Scam or Offline HYIP programs ,
  2. Lucrative RCB offer

All HYIP (High Yield Investment Programme) discussion is listed here.
Do NOT post payment proofs here!!!

  • 22717 Discussioni
  • 153377 risposte
Ledgeneration - Ledgenerati... - ultimo messaggio da

Autosurf and Manual Surf Discussion

  1. Closed, Inactive, Scam or Offline Autosurfs

All Paid-to-Surf (Autosurf) and manual surf programs are listed here.
Do NOT post payment proofs here!!!

  • 288 Discussioni
  • 1813 risposte
Fundsfact - - ultimo messaggio da

Investment Programs (Non HYIP)

  1. Closed, Inactive, Scam or Offline (Non-Hyip) Programs

All Investment Program discussion is listed here. Please do not post HYIP sites in this section.
Do NOT post payment proofs here!!!

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  • 94 Discussioni
  • 672 risposte  - Bitcoin Par... - ultimo messaggio da Josesv

Referral, MLM and Network/Affiliate Marketing Discussion

  1. Closed, Inactive, Scam or Offline MLM/Referral Programs

All discussion about referral, MLM and Network and/or Affiliate Marketing goes here.
Do NOT post payment proofs here!!!

  • 424 Discussioni
  • 795 risposte
Online Job - ultimo messaggio da solehah1293

Money Cyclers

  1. Closed, Inactive, Scam or Offline Cyclers

Money Doubler, Matrix programs and Randomizers are listed here.
Do NOT post payment proofs here!!!

  • 256 Discussioni
  • 741 risposte
Make Smart Passive Income W... - ultimo messaggio da Jain

GPT (Get Paid to) Programs

  1. Get Paid to Click ,
  2. Get Paid to Signup ,
  3. Get Paid to Promote ,
  4. Get Paid to Post ,
  5. Get Paid to Others ,
  6. Closed, Inactive, Scam or Offline GPT Programs

All GPT (Get Paid To) sites are listed here. Paid to click, paid to read, and more.
Do NOT post payment proofs here!!!

  • 5448 Discussioni
  • 32440 risposte - ultimo messaggio da eszmal

I Have Been Paid By !!

This section is for you to inform the members and visitors of this forum, that the programme XYZ has paid you.

  • 7437 Discussioni
  • 237710 risposte
Forward Trading - Forwardtr... - ultimo messaggio da onliner76

Evidenzia Other Ways to Earn Money Online Other Ways to Earn Money Online

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Gambling and Games Discussion

  1. Gambling Discussion, Poker Discussion, Sports Betting, Games ,
  2. Closed, inactive, scam or offline gambling or game sites

All discussion about gambling, poker, forum games, gold games, bubbles, etc.. go here.

  • 211 Discussioni
  • 1048 risposte
Head or Tail - head-or-tail... - ultimo messaggio da GrandTournament

Blogs and Articles

Discuss your blogs and earn a chance to make money

  • 80 Discussioni
  • 209 risposte
25 Mind Blowing Pre-Workout... - ultimo messaggio da Sarah Deakins

Webmaster Hangout

  1. Webmaster Discussion ,
  2. Domain Names ,
  3. Generating Revenue From Your Website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Discuss ways to earn money with your website using adsense, banner ads, and other revenue earning methods, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

  • 132 Discussioni
  • 302 risposte - Unique Marketpla... - ultimo messaggio da Adam Greer


Discuss about sports of your choice and whatever you have to say about it.

  • 53 Discussioni
  • 126 risposte
Supplement Manufacturing: T... - ultimo messaggio da Bobby Moore

Health related Issues

Discuss about Health related issue here.

  • 57 Discussioni
  • 71 risposte
Health - ultimo messaggio da Cart

Online Education

Educate yourself on-line, for free or low cost. Get into 21st century education methods.

  • 15 Discussioni
  • 5 risposte
Benefits Of Best Aviation C... - ultimo messaggio da john02

Evidenzia E-currencies, Cryptocurrecies, Payment Processors and Currency Exchange E-currencies, Cryptocurrecies, Payment Processors and Currency Exchange

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Payment Processors and E-Currencies

  1. EgoPay ,
  2. HD-Money ,
  3. Paypal ,
  4. Payza (formerly AlertPay) ,
  5. Pecunix ,
  6. Perfect Money ,
  7. Procurrex ,
  8. Skrill (formerly Money Bookers) ,
  9. SolidTrustPay ,
  10. Others ,
  11. GlobalDigitalPay ,
  12. Liberty Reserve ,
  13. StrictPay

Discuss about Libertyreserve, Paypal, Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers), Payza (formerly Alertpay), SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and all other payment processors or e-currencies here.

  • 149 Discussioni
  • 2528 risposte
Any Update On Fed Stealing... - ultimo messaggio da sinip

Credit and Debit Cards

All Credit card and Debit card discussions go here.

  • 42 Discussioni
  • 89 risposte
Rush Card- - ultimo messaggio da davidblack

Currency Exchange Services

  1. Individual E-currency exchangers ,
  2. Scam Exchanger Sites and Individuals

Discuss Professional Currency Exchange Services here. All services listed must have a website.

(Please DO NOT request personal currency exchanges here or we will have to warn and/or ban you from the forum)

  • 162 Discussioni
  • 1365 risposte
Trusted ! Buy/sell Gift Car... - ultimo messaggio da curex


Discuss anything pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Mining, exchange, development...

  • 310 Discussioni
  • 276 risposte
Pal Network Scam So Be Careful - ultimo messaggio da JoeMack

Evidenzia ITM Forum's Contest and FUN Thread ITM Forum's Contest and FUN Thread

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ITM Forum's FUN Thread

This thread is sponsored by ITM.

Here you all can post funny things , links , jokes and we will be rewarding you either daily or weekly with LR directly.

  • 16 Discussioni
  • 5311 risposte
Get Visitors - ultimo messaggio da solehah1293

Evidenzia ITM Special ITM Special

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Program Reviews

Get the exclusive Review on various HYIPs , Autosurfs and other programs by ITM

  • 5 Discussioni
  • 2 risposte
Rich-World Review - ultimo messaggio da sinip

Program Admin Discussion

Program Admin Discussion

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Evidenzia ITM's Forum HYIP ITM's Forum HYIP

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ITM's Forum HYIP

Welcome to the most safest program where no one will ever lose

  • 1 Discussioni
  • 17 risposte
Italkmoney's Forum Hyip - ultimo messaggio da kisia

Evidenzia The ITM Marketplace The ITM Marketplace

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Buying, Selling and Trading

Buy, sell, or trade here. Autosurf credits, accounts, or just about anything else. Selling or buying scripts here is not allowed.

  • 499 Discussioni
  • 421 risposte
Advanced Mlm Software With... - ultimo messaggio da jenniferletty

Benefactor and Cashback Offers

  1. Closed and Inactive Benefactor Threads

Post your benefactor and cashback offers here. Benefactoring means to offer to put money into a program for someone in return for them signing up under you. A cashback offer is simply an offer to pay someone some money for joining under you in a program. DO NOT create posts asking people to benefactor you!

  • 46 Discussioni
  • 105 risposte - Blog Monitor... - ultimo messaggio da GQMonitor

Job Opportunities (NON MLM)

Discuss job opportunities here such as "Work at home", small business opportunities, etc.. Please do not post Business Opportunities here.

  • 40 Discussioni
  • 23 risposte
LEARN to Make Money at Home... - ultimo messaggio da Jain

Ads and Promos

Advertise your own personal business/website, (no HYIPs or other investment programs allowed) or special deals found on the Internet such as coupon codes and discounts.

  • 785 Discussioni
  • 426 risposte
$62 Million Transactio... - ultimo messaggio da Martinfx

Programming and Graphics Design

Please discuss everything about programming and graphics design here.

  • 34 Discussioni
  • 122 risposte
Utilize The Advanced Printi... - ultimo messaggio da aashna

Co-Ops, Teambuilds and Downline Clubs

  1. Closed and Inactive Team build Threads

Post any Co-ops, Teambuilds, and Downline clubs here. A Co-op attempts to pool everyone's money together to purchase positions in one main program that a single member may not be able to afford, The proceeds are split equally among the shareholders. Team Build and Downline Club members work together to fill a specific programs matrix or boards, usually working NIL (next-in-line) fashion or by some other specified rules.

  • 11 Discussioni
  • 18 risposte
New Traffic Wave Teambuild... - ultimo messaggio da alex900

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