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Established on 28th of March 2010 as "paid to post" forum, ITalkMoney had soon turned into one of the best places to discuss online money making opportunities. Here you will find many ways of earning good income on Internet, like various investment opportunities, online gambling and betting, playing with HYIPs or discuss Forex. You can interact with many famous Forex brokers, discuss different trading styles and platforms, EAs, binary options, stock market and indices. There are also various "Get paid To..." opportunities and don't forget the advertising section where you can advertise your own opportunities and look for referrals. Join in and have fun!

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#471474 How To Reorganise Forex Section Of The Forum?

Posted by sinip on 17 February 2017 - 04:12 PM

Feel free to suggest how to reorganise Forex section here. Every input is more than welcome! :)

#534276 Digithereum -

Posted by AlekseyGariev on 23 March 2018 - 10:32 PM

Weekly profitability at Digithereum Global - March 23, 2018
The yield on USDT (dollar) deposits: 
USDT deposit from 50$ — 3,86% 
USDT deposit from 2 500$ — 4,36% 
USDT deposit from 10 000$ — 4,86% 
USDT deposit from 25 000$ — 5,36% 
USDT deposit from 50 000$ — 5,86% 
The yield on crypto-currency deposits:
CRYPTO deposit from 50$ — 2,92% 
CRYPTO deposit from 2 500$ — 3,27% 
CRYPTO deposit from 10 000$ — 3,65% 
CRYPTO deposit from 25 000$ — 4,05% 
CRYPTO deposit from 50 000$ — 4,52%

#533689 Digithereum -

Posted by AlekseyGariev on 20 March 2018 - 01:17 PM

How to win in criptomonedas with Digithereum
If you read this, then you have surely heard about cryptocurrencies before. And if you finish reading this, you will start earning extra money with them thanks to Digithereum.
In 2017, during the dynamic development of cryptocurrencies, many investors became interested in the new type of digital assets, as well as in the promising technologies behind them. Advanced cities and countries have begun to actively introduce new payment instruments into their structures. Big businessmen divided between enthusiasts and skeptics about digital currencies. And the bravest quickly started earning a lot of money with cryptocurrencies
It was at this time that one of the most successful investment companies in Hong Kong decided to focus on working with a new type of electronic money. Therefore, Digithereum Corporation began its activity in the management of the trust of cryptocurrency assets. An experienced team of successful traders and analysts was formed, who were able to diversify the risks when working with digital currencies. Now these professionals successfully manage the assets of investors, multiplying them constantly, thanks to several operations in profitable exchanges and investments in avant-garde technology projects
Only during the first year of active work with cryptocurrencies, team members managed to participate in the largest blockchain conferences: in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. The company declared with confidence the entire crypto community and began to cooperate with hundreds and thousands of partners around the world. To date, the company's clients are successful investors from more than 30 countries in different continents.
What attracts the partners in Digithereum? First, they are the excellent reputation and truly beneficial terms of cooperation. Which are? In general, the company offers customers several income levels, whose benefits can be compared to the benefits of their own business. Only passive investments in the company's cryptocurrency fund can provide customers with up to 288% of annual profits. And those who become participants of the affiliate program can have unlimited income, since they can attract at least hundreds of customers and receive an excellent accumulation of references of their transactions.
The advantage for users is also a wide range of cryptocurrencies, which the company brings to the administration: today there are 11 currencies with high market capitalization rates. Therefore, each partner can choose the most promising currency in his opinion on cryptocurrencies for investments, and increasingly receive higher dividends with an increase in their price. And for supporters of less volatile assets, Digithereum proposes to acquire profitability plans in the raw currency equivalent of the US dollar - Tether, thus guaranteeing a consistently high monthly income.
The Digithereum career ladder provides each partner with excellent opportunities for professional growth and opens up access to new sources of income. If you are ready to make money at this time, start cooperating with Digithereum.

#533142 Digithereum -

Posted by AlekseyGariev on 16 March 2018 - 09:52 PM

Weekly profitability at Digithereum Global - March 16, 2018
The yield on USDT (dollar) deposits:
USDT deposit from 50$ — 3,84% 
USDT deposit from 2 500$ — 4,34% 
USDT deposit from 10 000$ — 4,84% 
USDT deposit from 25 000$ — 5,34% 
USDT deposit from 50 000$ — 5,84% 
The yield on crypto-currency deposits:
CRYPTO deposit from 50$ — 2,90% 
CRYPTO deposit from 2 500$ — 3,25% 
CRYPTO deposit from 10 000$ — 3,63% 
CRYPTO deposit from 25 000$ — 4,03% 
CRYPTO deposit from 50 000$ — 4,5%

#532801 Digithereum -

Posted by VladimirShah on 14 March 2018 - 04:33 PM

Personal offices Digithereum added a section with statistics.
This section allows you to analyze your turnover structure, see the percentage of your invited, provides all the contact information of your structure (login, e-mail, phone number, registration date) with the ability to search and history of accrued interest on your deposits.

#532121 Digithereum -

Posted by AlekseyGariev on 09 March 2018 - 10:42 PM

Weekly profitability at Digithereum Global - March 9, 2018
Yield on USDT (dollar) deposits:
USDT депозит от 50$ — 3,81% 
USDT депозит от 2 500$ — 4,31% 
USDT депозит от 10 000$ — 4,81% 
USDT депозит от 25 000$ — 5,31% 
USDT депозит от 50 000$ — 5,81% 
Yield on crypto-currency deposits:
CRYPTO депозит от 50$ — 2,88% 
CRYPTO депозит от 2 500$ — 3,24% 
CRYPTO депозит от 10 000$ — 3,61% 
CRYPTO депозит от 25 000$ — 4,00% 
CRYPTO депозит от 50 000$ — 4,38%

#518450 Digithereum -

Posted by on 07 December 2017 - 05:11 PM

I'm not the admin! :)

Start: 07/12/2017

Register here


The Digithereum company has managed a co-operation of the best traders and strategically-wise financial analysts. By investing cryptocurrency into the Digithereum fund, our partners will be able to receive monthly profits of up to 300% per year. With our team, your funds will get much more value even if you are just a novice investor. Forget about scanty accumulative interest in banks. With the Digithereum company you will feel more free, because our partnership terms are as easy as pie.

Monthly bonuses from the stock exchange

60% of your investments are sent to the Digithereum cryptocurrency fund. Thanks to this fund, our experienced traders earn the bulk of your profits on the cryptocurrency exchanges. We track any resonances that may affect the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies: monitor, analyze, wait and act. Two-thirds of the money from this fund is fought for cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of over $ 1 billion. The rest works with promising altcoin. This strategy brings the company from 50% to 100% of the monthly profit.

To split a piece on "Unicorns"

30% of your investments are long-term, we identify the most promising ico startups with great potential and place your investments in them. The digithereum crowding fund is potentially ready to bring fantastic tens of thousands percent of returns that will confidently cover all possible losses of previous periods. Therefore, our scouts are constantly in search of "Unicorns" - high-tech ico startups, whose capitalization can potentially exceed $ 1 billion.

We are always ready for more

10% of your investments are reserved as a financial airbag. These funds are used only in cases of extreme necessity. For example, to respond competently to a sharp change in the market. The reserve fund is our common insurance, which is used rarely but extremely effective.

From 16% to 24% monthly

Referral Commission:
Multi-level income
Next level of income is based on the affiliate program, when for every successful transaction of yours or your partner you get an excellent commission percentage.

The percentage of accruals depends on the partner's level, which he receives from his structure revenue. There are 10 levels. When a partner invites 2 clients, who place $ 2,500 each, the structure revenue becomes $5,000; this makes you the 2nd-level partner and allows receiving 8% of the personal agents' transactions.
Moving to the next level

A partner can take no more than 50% of the revenue needed to move to a new level from each branch. For example: the required revenue for moving to the 4th level is $ 100,000. The partner has 2 active structures that have already reached the third level. One of these two branches makes $ 70,000 revenue, another one makes $ 30,000. The partner receives only $ 50,000 (50% of $ 100,000 - the necessary 4th level revenue) from the first branch and $ 30,000 from the second one. So, to reach the 4th level, he needs to either develop the third structure that will give the missing $ 20,000, either develop a weaker branch, or close the missing revenue with personal sales, but he can not get more revenue from the first structure, until moving to the next level.

Interest accrual terms
A partner receives commission charges as the difference between his percentage and the percentage of the agent who made a personal sale. That is, if the 2nd level partner invites a client who makes $ 10,000 deposit, he is credited with 8%, i.Е. 800 $, at the same time, higher structure distribution will look this way: a partner of the 4th level gets 11.5-8 = 3.5% of the transaction amount, that is $ 350, the 6th level partner gets 14-11.5 = 2, 5% = $ 250, at the 8th level a partner gets 15,5-14 = 1,5% = $ 150.
Additional remuneration
Having reached the 3d level, the leader starts receiving a monthly remuneration in addition to the commission charges for the affiliate program. It depends directly on the monthly revenue of the structure and is accrued according to the table.

Yes, the % of rewards becomes lower at each level, but we can conclude how much the sums grow, taking into account the increase of the structure revenue.

There are certain restrictions on the remuneration calculations: the partner does not receive reward from the branch, which provides revenue of 50 or more % than all the other branches together. For example, the partner is at the fourth level and he has 5 active branches in the first line. The 1st one has made $ 20,000 of revenue, and the remaining 4 branches - $ 4,200 each, which is $ 16,800 in total; it means that he receives 4.8% reward from $ 16,800. If the first branch had given $ 16,000 revenue, he would have been credited with 4.8% from $ 32,800.

So the better all the structure elements work, the higher your remuneration is.

Payment Processors:
Bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin and ethereum

Minimum Deposit:

Minimum Withdrawal:

DDOS Protection
Custom script
Unique Design

Our deposit:
BTC amount: 0.00644000
Coinpayment Hash: CPBL6QHVV899VJU4RVIUJGVK7O

Register here

#297318 How To Select The Right Niche Market

Posted by Home Earnings on 26 May 2013 - 01:51 PM

Identify your target market. It looks simple but ask yourself do you really know the product you want to sell and to whom you want to sell? Is the market you are focusing on is the best for your product or service?
If you are not sure, recheck your business plan.

Below are few tips to select correct niche

You should be very clear what you want to offer and targeted clients.

Ask yourself, why someone would buy from you? What needs will it satisfy? How you can stand our from the crowd?

Do not try to become a jack of all trades and master of none. It will have real negative affect on your business growth.

Think from the customer perspective.

Selecting a niche is essential to success. e.g. If you want to start a freelancing carrier and quit your job. You should know the market where there is need for your skill and clients are willing to pay for quality products and you can provide them good quality contents. If you focus on all types of writing you will find it difficult to grow but by focus on your expertise and find projects you will build your path towards business success soon.

Find your target clients. It is very critical part, if you do it wrong you will never succeed in business.

Once you have identified your target market, you need to create a message that provides answers to the potential customers unfulfilled needs.It will clearly explain what you are offering, why Your are unique and what additional benefits they will get if they buy from you.

I hope above mentioned tips will help you to grow quickly.

Feel free to ask any question you may have.
Thanks for reading, Bye!

#83846 I want to know about itmmonitor

Posted by uuuuuu1515 on 06 January 2011 - 05:00 AM

Hi admin,
How can I vote and receive money in itmmonitor?

#539229 Digithereum -

Posted by AlekseyGariev on 23 April 2018 - 09:44 PM

Visit to the head office of Digithereum. On the weekend, partners from Russia who live and work in Bangkok visited the head office of Digithereum Global. 
The office of the company can be reached by anyone who wishes, by prior registration.
Head Office Address: 
Unit 01, 82 / F, International Commercial Center
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

#506293 Forex Market Analysis News

Posted by RusefSandi on 21 September 2017 - 01:59 PM

Forex - USD/CAD Rises to 2-Week Highs after U.S. Data, Fed

The U.S. dollar rose to a two-week high neighboring-door to its Canadian counterpart around Thursday, supported by upbeat U.S. data and news of a potential rate hike by the Federal Reserve by the halt of the year, even though demean oil prices weighed upon demand for the commdity-amalgamated Canadian currency.
USD/CAD was occurring 0.20% at 1.2350 by 09:30 a.m. ET (13:30 GMT), its highest back September 6.
The U.S. Department of Labor reported upon Thursday that initial jobless claims brusquely declined last week to hit 259,000.
A sever tab showed that manufacturing upheaval in the Philadelphia place increased hastily in September.
As usual, the Fed left magnetism rates unchanged at the conclusion of its two-day policy meeting upon Wednesday.
However, the central bank indicated that an additional whole rate hike is likely this year, even though it condensed its position for inflation this year from 1.7% to 1.5%, and from 2% to 1.9% in 2018.
The Fed moreover said it will begin to unwind its $4.5 trillion version sheet in October. Most assets consist of the Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities the bank acquired out cold its quantitative mitigation program.
In Canada, qualified data upon Thursday showed that wholesale sales increased 1.5% in July, compared to expectations for a 0.9% waylay.
But the Canadian dollar's gains were capped as oil prices turned belittle after Wednesday's disappointing U.S. sloppy inventories data and as traders remained cautious ahead of a very-anticipated meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries upon Friday.
The loonie was as well as belittle adjoining the euro, subsequent to EUR/CAD appear in 0.40% to 1.4713.

Let Visit For forex signals review

#476021 Ant Mining -

Posted by hyipmonitorstatus on 20 March 2017 - 02:19 PM | We just paid you.
Hello, hyipms
We just paid you.
Paid Amount     : 0.0087322 BTC
Current Balance : 0.00137264 BTC
Bitcoin Wallet    : 3D9s4urLTw11ChEFrjBqCELoFyFHv8moKi

#450679 Btcloud -

Posted by on 28 August 2016 - 02:18 PM

I'm not the admin! :)




Hello, I am so happy to introduce our company to all of you. In 2016, Tom Robert registered a company in London, Bt Cloud Limited.

The main business is the exploitation of Bitcoin. Actually, we had our own Bitcoin workshop in 2012, but now the yield of Bitcoin has been reduced by half and it is more difficult to dig well compared with before time. Hence, we decide to expand our mining scale. However, the plan needs more capital. Hence, now we begin the Cloud investment planning formally.

You should not need heavy technology base or the cost of heavy calculation process. All you need is to be our member. We would have a settlement of interest on your investment in each hour and we would not charge for the interest of settlement. Of course, it is OK if you want to withdraw the investment but we would charge for 3% counter fee.

3% - 9% DAILY
0.1250%-0.3570% HOURLY
MIN: 0.01
MAX: 5

4% - 10% DAILY
0.1666%-0.4166% HOURLY
MIN: 5.0001
MAX: 25

6% - 12% DAILY
0.2500%-0.5000% HOURLY
MIN: 25.0001

Referral Commission;
1st: 3%
After you become a registered member, you can send your referral link to your friend. You will receive a referral bonus when your friend deposit.

1st: 6.5% 2nd: 2% 3rd: 1%
You could apply for representatives if there were 1 Bitcoins or above saving in the account and you were recommended by 5 people directly. When the principle is less than 1 Bitcoins or the off-line Bitcoin amount is less than the saving of 0.01 Bitcoin, the representatives quality would be canceled.

Senior Representative
1st: 8% 2nd: 4% 3rd: 2%
4th: 1% 5th to infinite: 0.05%
You could apply for senior representatives if there were 5 Bitcoins or above saving in the account and you were cultured by 5 representatives. When the principle is less than 5 Bitcoins or the representatives amount is less than the 5, the senior representatives quality would be canceled.

Payment Processor:


#406028 What anti-virus program you use?

Posted by lamanlupa on 29 September 2015 - 10:42 AM

In this computer I am using right now, it is being protected or guarded against virus by Eset. It has been that way for years now, and I have no plans to change to another vendor. It is just effective, and I haven't suffered any virus invasion yet. I tried the ones that came before it, but so far, none has performed the way my Eset performs.

#354291 social bookmarking

Posted by braziliaclinic on 25 July 2014 - 11:11 AM

Thanks for sharing the amazing post. 

#33829 blogging with wordpress

Posted by Tybridges07 on 27 June 2010 - 04:16 PM

I have been a blogger for about a year now and I am pretty good at it when it comes to SEO and setup. I used to use blogger but I decided to switch to wordpress which I consider to be more professional and advance when compared with other blogging flatforms. I am still trying to understand wordpress more espercially part of autobloging. Lets share our knowledge by giving Tips and techniques on how to go about wordpress here.

#332924 Mintcoin -

Posted by sinip on 11 February 2014 - 12:46 PM

Just to congratulate you for posting a very first thread in Cryptocurrencies section. :)

#316379 What Is The Key To Success In Forex?

Posted by gaban on 19 October 2013 - 02:19 AM

the key to success in forex is discipline. and we also have to learn in earnest. Moreover, if we want to succeed in the trading world then we need careful planning and strategy. that our trading future better. Especially in the forex world, everything can not be predicted with certainty, there is always a risk, with careful planning and strategy, supported by disciplined then we can minimize the risk.


#303185 How To Make Money On Forex

Posted by Uncle Gober on 22 July 2013 - 12:25 PM

Invest your time first before you invest your money in forex. Make sure you have educate yourself with a lot of practice.
Forex is a high risk and high reward business. We can not only put our money in our trading account and it grow it self, but we need to trade with that. And forex trading not only buy or sell, but need much more than that. We have to understand the forex market, we need a good well known the forex system, we also need a good handling our emotions in forex trading.

#277984 social media channels

Posted by sunnyy221 on 09 January 2013 - 07:29 AM

hi dear

There are three cores to using social media to communicate your brand’s message throughout a crisis:
  • Your message
  • The channel
  • The frequency

i will use these social media channels
Facebook Fan Page
twitter followers - Nemokamas lankytoju skaitliukas Increase Page Rank Trust Seal Website Security Test ??????? Google


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