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Established on 28th of March 2010 as "paid to post" forum, ITalkMoney had soon turned into one of the best places to discuss online money making opportunities. Here you will find many ways of earning good income on Internet, like various investment opportunities, online gambling and betting, playing with HYIPs or discuss Forex. You can interact with many famous Forex brokers, discuss different trading styles and platforms, EAs, binary options, stock market and indices. There are also various "Get paid To..." opportunities and don't forget the advertising section where you can advertise your own opportunities and look for referrals. Join in and have fun!

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Posted 07 July 2014 - 02:56 AM

I am not admin. Searched and did not find.

About Us

Our Company

Genesis is a legal corporation registered in Belize and is a closely held private company. Genesis was started because we were flat out frustrated! We were tired of being let down by companies after spending a lot of time, energy and money in them and watching our financial dreams become nightmares. We still believe in this industry and rather than quitting, we decided to start Genesis to become a beacon of hope for people like us and for others around the globe. 

Our Vision

It is our vision to build GENESIS GLOBAL NETWORK™ into a Premier Global Marketing Company in the next five years. We will achieve this by:

1. Attracting and empowering at least 1 million affiliates by providing a strong, reputable and stable opportunity for men and women from all walks of life around the world.
2. Creating a strategic alliance with millions of small to mid-size businesses by helping them expand their products and services into the world market place.


Online Advertising

*Online Advertising being a 40 billion dollar industry, you don't want to miss this opportunity. 

The CEO of Google recently announced that within the next five years online advertising will generate 1/2 Trillion Dollars annually!

GGN is the perfect company to leap into the future with an advertising program designed to attract hundreds of millions of those dollars which will then be shared with our affiliates!

Business Units

*Our Business Units will give you a unique way to advertise your business. 

Business Units (BUs) are $1.00 each and can earn cash-back rewards 6 days each week, (Monday through Saturday), at the ambassador's monthly package level for 90 "Pay-Days". Each BU contains four views to the website you are advertising. Minimum purchase is one BU ($1.00) and maximum purchase is 10,000 BUs ($10,000.00). BUs expire after 90 "Pay-Days".

Play-2-Save Penny Auction

*Join and take advantage of this incredible money saving machine. 

Penny Auctions are among the hottest items online in todays' e-commerce world. It provides ways for individuals to save up to 90% off brand new, brand name items, while providing incredible profits to the company. This combination makes the perfect dynamics for our clients, our affiliates and our company. Genesis will have the very best of everything a Penny Auction should be and will be the most customer friendly auction imaginable. 

Genesis Mall

*Giving you access to the finest and most unique products out there.

Through online shopping one can easily order products from the comfort of their home, and buying from YOURSELF is absolutely the most fun way to shop! With online shopping you can search through a wide range of companies and buy the particular products you want at the best prices. We will continue to assemble an awesome line-up of premier small to mid-sized businesses to insure that our affiliates have the best products and services to market to an ever increasing number of customers around the world. 

Health & Wellness

*"Just what the doctor ordered." 

We, at Genesis, are constantly searching for the absolute best and most efficacious nutritional products for our affiliates and our customers to help our body receive the nutrition it needs and demands. Dr. Teresa Roberson has a double doctorate; in nutrition and in natural health. She also is a nutrition supplement formulator and has a great line of products that is just perfect for what we need. We will also offer other incredible products that will be branded for Genesis. We believe that Genesis has assembled "just what the Doctor ordered" when it comes to the products we were searching for. Click Here to know more about products

Genesis Wireless Phone Service

*"Since Alexander Graham Bell made that 1st call, personal communications have changed the world!" 

No-Contract, No Credit Check. We have the fastest network speed available! Our phones work internationally! Free Shipping, SIM card & Activation. Get Free Shipping on all orders and free returns to our office! Items are dispatched in the US and will arrive in 2-3 days. Genesis 4GLT Wireless Service starts as low as $34.99 per month including Unlimited Talk, Text and Data with 500MB of 4G Speeds and tax included! Most Unlocked Smart Phones with Sim Cards can be used. We have a number of phones available at reasonable prices. Check before you order. 


*"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free." 

Receive 1 to 5 Free E-Books monthly with each Affiliate Package. IE: How to books, Weight Loss, Wine Making, Re-Modeling, Gardening, Web Design, Health & Fitness, Web Design, Motivation, Inspiration, Spiritual, Self-Improvement, Home Schooling, Photography, Pregnancy, Survival, Cooking, Speech Writing, Making Money Online, Selling on E-Bay - Amazon - Craig's List, Etc. - and thousands more! 

Bid Packs

*"Online auctions are making the biggest and most significant impact on buying since catalog ordering." 

Bid Pack purchases will be available for purchase when our Million Dollar Auction launches in August of 2014. These Bids will be sold in packs for as little as $10.00 allowing most people to purchase them to use in the auction. 

Genesis Fun Deals

*"Your family deserves amazing savings and 'Fun Deals' will help you get them!" 

An awesome Fun-Filled product packed full savings …The Fun Deals Package gives you incredible discounts on: Movie Tickets, Golf Packages, Broadway Shows, Las Vegas Shows, Grocery Coupons, Restaurants, Ski Discounts, Travel Discounts, Dental - Vision - Prescriptions – Destinations; Sea World, Busch Gardens, Kennedy Space Center, Dollywood, Lion Country Safari, Universal Studios, Zoo Atlanta, Six Flags, and more… Shop & Save at over 500 Name Brand Shops. $24.95 Annual or $4.95 per month. 

Genesis Getaways

*"Some of your greatest memories will be of vacations with your loved ones." 

How would you like to take the vacation of a lifetime at prices previously enjoyed exclusively by Travel Agents? Now you can, and you can take care of all your own bookings online! You will have access to the same sweet deals enjoyed by elite, professional Travel Agents; Cruises, Flights, Hotels, Condos, Car Rentals, Exotic Destinations; Visit Belize, Vegas, London, Bahamas, Jamaica, Paris, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Alaska, Hawaii and many more! You will have your own Travel Portal!

Included in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Packages.

Buy or Sell this exciting product or just $99.95 annually. 

Genesis Virtual-Card

*"Traditional Business Cards are quickly becoming a thing of the past." 

A wonderful way to market your business with this Mobile Video Business Card! Your Genesis "VIRTUAL-CARD" shows all your contacts on your phone. No more carrying and storing your dog-eared business cards in your pockets. Put a GGN Introduction Video on your "Virtual-Card". Create Viral Marketing with your Social Media Links and click to call and email contacts on your "Virtual-Card" for potential customers and so much more…. Create your Genesis "Virtual-Card" in a matter of minutes ready for viewing on your phone. $49.95 annually or $4.95 per month. 

"I Believe" Wrist Bands

*"I believe that YOU control your destiny and that you can be whatever you decide to be." 

You become what you think about … and what your mind can conceive and "Believe", you can achieve! In order to become successful, you must train your mind to go in the direction YOU want to go. Develop your "Belief" system to its Max, and you can conquer the world! The "I Believe" bracelet is a MOVEMENT and wearing it is a constant reminder of what you believe. We can create a new "Culture" of positive minded successful people around the world if we will all get involved in the movement. When we meet, will YOU be wearing your bracelet? Just $9.95! 

Compensation Plan

Business Units

*Earn rewards daily for advertising with us! 

Business Units, or "BUs" contain ad views and can earn Rebate Rewards on a daily basis six days each week, Monday through Saturday.

Affiliates may purchase BUs for $1.00 each and from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 10,000. As the BUs earn cash-back rewards, 70% of the earnings will go toward buying more BUs. 30% of the commission dollars will go into the affiliates "Cash Bucket or wallet" to be used at the affiliate's discretion. The money can be withdrawn, used to pay the monthly package fee, purchase more BUs, etc.

These BUs can earn for a maximum of 90 "Pay Days" (Monday through Saturday represents 6 "Pay Days"). 90 "Pay Days" represents 15 weeks of rebate rewards. Once 90 "Pay Days" have been reached, the original BUs expire and the remaining balance can continues to earn rewards. As you purchase/re-purchase more BUs on any given day those new BUs then also have 90 "Pay Days" to earn rewards before expiration.

Each affiliate position, Pearl, Ruby, Etc. will have a "Cap" as to how many BUs one can purchase and/or re-purchase. An Emerald may accumulate as many as 100,000 BUs which can earn rewards for 6 "Pay Days" each week. We will announce new "Leadership" positions for our Launch on Aug. 8, 2014 which will allow individuals to accumulate even more than the 100,000. Even as much as one Million!

Business Units qualify for Personal and Team commissionable sales as follows:

1. As a Pearl Ambassador, earn 5% on the purchase of BUs by your PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates)
2. As a Ruby Ambassador, earn 5% on your PSAs and 2% on your 2nd generation
3. As a Sapphire Ambassador, earn 7% on your PSAs and 3% on your 2nd generation
4. As an Emerald Ambassador, earn 10% on your PSAs, 3% on your 2nd generation and 2% on your 3rd generation.


*The power of residual income! 

Genesis has a 2 x 5 Expandable Matrix which every Affiliate falls into. Each affiliate then has two positions directly beneath him or her, one on the right and one on the left. Each of those two has the same, expanding the original affiliate's matrix to two levels with four on that level, Etc. Genesis affiliates are known as "Ambassadors".

When a Pearl (10RV) or higher, affiliate has two paid Personally Sponsored Ambassadors (PSAs), the affiliate qualifies to earn commissions from monthly Ambassador Package purchases through five levels in the matrix.

When qualified as a as a Ruby (50RV) with three PSAs and 200 total RV, the affiliate can earn now through 10 levels.
When qualified as a Sapphire (100RV) with four PSAs and a total 500 RV, the affiliate can now earn through 15 levels.
When qualified as an Emerald (200RV) with five PSAs and 1200 RV, the affiliate can now earn through all 20 levels.
In addition, a fully qualified 20-level Emerald also qualifies for a 10% matching bonus on the matrix commissions earned by all his/her PSAs. 

Retail Sales

*The driving force behind our business model 

As with any business of our kind, products and services must be moved to the end users, our customers, to remain in compliance with all applicable laws. Genesis has and will continue to seek out the very best products and service for our affiliates to market to our customers.

Through Genesis Health & Wellness, Genesis Wireless Services, Genesis Getaways Travel Services, Genesis Fun Deals Savings Club, our Penny Auction, our Online Shopping Mall and more, Genesis plans to become the number one products driven company of our kind worldwide. A portion of all retail sales net revenue will go into our Rebates Rewards Pool to be shared by our affiliates and certain products will also qualify for personal sales commissions and/or other awards to go to our affiliates. 

Bid Purchases

*Entertainment shopping at it's finest! 

Bid Purchase Packs will be available for purchase when our Penny Auction launches prior to our Grand Launch in August of 2014.

These Bids will be sold in packs for as affordable as $10.00 allowing most people to purchase them to use on the auction. Bid Packs qualify as a 20% Personal Sales commission item. 

View Packs

*Worldwide views to your website for pennies on the dollar 

View Packs will be sold in various increments to be used to send traffic to your site. View Packs qualify as a 20% Personal Sales commission item. 


*Helping you get your message into the world marketplace 

One of our main goals will be in creating a strategic alliance with millions of small to mid-size businesses by helping them expand their products and services into the world market place. Helping them with their advertising needs will give them a leg up into getting their products and services known well beyond their own neighborhood. 

Rebate Rewards Pool – RRP

*Share daily in our sales and growth 

Genesis puts a portion of every sale into the Rebate Rewards Pool each week and will award it the following week based on the number of outstanding BUs owned by the affiliates and paid on a daily basis Monday through Friday as follows; Pearl Affiliates can earn rebate rewards up to a maximum of 1.3% of their BU balance, Rubies up to 1.5%, Sapphires up to 1.7% and Emeralds up to 2%. These percentages represent the "Cap" for that position for that day. If the amount placed into the RRP for the week happens to come to 9% of revenue for the week, then we know that we will award an average of 1.5% per day for Monday through Saturday next week. (9% divided by the 6 days). This will then be awarded as previously discussed. (See the heading "Business Units" to assist in understanding). 

Personal Sales

*Earn cash in your pocket weekly 

Personal Sales Bonuses of 20% are paid on various sales including, but not limited to, monthly Ambassador Packages purchased by an affiliate's Personally Sponsored Ambassadors and sales of certain other products and services purchased by your PSAs. IE: Bid Packs, Ad Views, Emerald Diplomat positions, Wireless Cell Services, Etc.

*An affiliate also earns from sales of Business Units as follows;
*As a Pearl Ambassador, earn 5% on the purchase of BUs by your PSAs
*As a Ruby, earn 5% on your PSAs and 2% on your 2nd generation
*As a Sapphire, earn 7% on your PSAs and 3% on your 2nd generation
*As an Emerald, earn 10% on your PSAs, 3% on your 2nd generation and 2% on your 3rd generation.

Team Sales

*1% of 100 peoples efforts is better than relying on 100% of your own 

When a Genesis affiliate begins to enroll new affiliates into Genesis and they do the same, a team begins to grow. A paid affiliate who sponsors at least two new active affiliates becomes eligible to receive overrides on commissionable product purchases/sales from their team. See "Matrix" and "Personal Sales" for in depth explanation as to how to earn Team commissions. 


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 08:05 PM

Lots of good GGN training videos on this site

Everything you need to know about BeWiseTrader! ---->>> Here!

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