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10K$Per Year Method Easily 1000$/month

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Posted 10 September 2019 - 04:54 PM







What am I going to give you : - Find trending subject to make a video about - Create Youtube video to promote your PPI link - Youtube video Uploading - My personnal tips to reach easily 1000$/month


This method is very simple to understand 

You will have to create a video who promote a software that people will have to donwnload 

I personnaly use the « Game Crack » niche so I make video about new released games (ex : « Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Crack ») 

I put the download link from the that the PPI network gave me in the description of the video and when someone download and install, I get paid up to 1.8$ per install (US Installs) 

What you will need : -Youtube Accounts (I personnaly use aged one, becaause it ranks better but fresh one works also well) -PPI Network : You can choose the network you want, I personnaly use 

 the payout minimum is 1$ and they can pay you via Paypal -A video editing software (I use a Vegas Pro crack found on Internet)

-Visual Studio 2010 (You can get it for free easily on Internet -A Software to Record your creen (I personally use Geforce Experience recording function -Optional : Some money to buy views and likes if you want to get your video ranked faster, I personally use Followiz service !

And that’s all !! 

Creating Video : 

This part is the most important, I’ll learn you steps by steps how to create your video 

1- Finding Games : You will have to find new released games, and make your video the same day as the game release because people are always hyped when a game release, but after one week, this hype just begin to vanish

My recommendations is : At the beginning of each month, make a little calendar about every popular games that will be released this month, ex : 

You can also go on Steam and check « New Games » 

It also works well with software (Photoshop and more…) 

2- Make the video

Once you have found your game, you will need to create a video to promote your fake crack link, here is how I create my videos : 

I just record my desktop, and I launch a .exe file that will launch a white window (I made this .exe with visual basic in just 2 minutes) 

Here is how it look likes : 

Then I use Vegas Pro to put some gameplay inside the white window : 

Create the white windows : 

-Launch Visual Studio 2010

- Left Top Corner : Click on File > New > Project and Select « Windows Application Form »

Now you will have to edit your form with game name and icon : 

I will take Destiny 2 as an exemple : 

Go into the box at bottom right corner : 

Change these parameter : 

Size : I use 1800 ; 960, for me it’s the best because we can see desktop in Background 

Text : Darwin Project (Name of the game ) 

Icon : Put the logo of the game (can be found easily on internet) 

Then go to « Project » then « WindowsApplication** properties » and again change the icon, here it’s the icon that will appear on the desktop, change also the build folder (go to « compile ») . 

Congrats you just created your white window and you can now record your video and then edit it with sony vegas to make it as more realist as possible 

Important : If you take a gameplay from youtube, be sure that the gameplay show the game launching credit (like the name of studio and more…) 

If you personnaly own the game, you can record gameplay yourself ! 

Video Uploading : 



To Get your Link that you have to promote, just upload an empty .zip file named “*nameofthegame*_Crack_v1.0.2” for example, and upload   this file to pinapfile, then go ti “File” Section and click on the blue icon to get information about your file. Then copy the link next to “Long/Free Url 1” or “Long/Free Url 1”, this is the link you will have to promote ! (Recommend you to short it) 

The key is to be the first to post a crack about the game on youtube, sometimes they are few gameplay on youtube few days before game release : Be the first to post a crack and beat the concurrence !! 

I recommend you to invest few dollars for your first video to buy some views and likes : It will bring you very fast result 

You can find very good SMM on HF in the « Market » section 

Put also fake comment, for this I use Utubehits to get them for 


The Views/Likes Ratio must not be excessive, something like 5% of likes is good 

Use also a link shortener, because the link provided by Pinapfile looks not very safe 

I’m not very good in Youtube Ranking, I recommend to check some free advice about that all over the Internet 

Use VidiQ extension for Chrome, i twill helps you to optimise your description and have a better rank 

Personnal Tips to Earn more : - Put G2A affiliate link in description, It will bring you more long term money, just write something clickbait like « Get Cheap games here » - Post your video on different youtube acocunt : if one get striked, you will not lose all your videos - Try to not miss a game, some very popular games are easy money (like Ubisoft games because of the hype) - Be the most realistic in your video : Wait few seconds before launching gameplay to simulate loading time and maybe add some black screen to simulate it again - Learn a lot about Youtube Ranking to be the first when people type « *Name of the game* Crack » - Change your download page template in Pinapfile, just go to “Profile” section and set it as “Red – Mega Style” (the most realistic one in my opinion)




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