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Established on 28th of March 2010 as "paid to post" forum, ITalkMoney had soon turned into one of the best places to discuss online money making opportunities. Here you will find many ways of earning good income on Internet, like various investment opportunities, online gambling and betting, playing with HYIPs or discuss Forex. You can interact with many famous Forex brokers, discuss different trading styles and platforms, EAs, binary options, stock market and indices. There are also various "Get paid To..." opportunities and don't forget the advertising section where you can advertise your own opportunities and look for referrals. Join in and have fun!

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Cryptscalper -

28 September 2019 - 05:42 PM

Start of the project September 28, 2019
About project: Cryptscalper is one of the platforms of the UK limited registered company Novo Star Group Limited. NSG limited is specialized in development of AI trading solutions and fund management.
After 10+ years developing solutions for private companies we decided to launch our own platform where we will deliver our services to every single person worldwide. Cryptscalper is made by a team of developers and crypto traders. By combining the skills of the developers and the knowledge of the traders we created several very powerful trading bots. During the first years after we teamed up our main activity was creating trading and algorithmic bots for professional traders and trading companies. But now after 6 years we decided to let everyone take
benefits from our tools. Thats why we decided to launch Cryptscalper. We want to give everyone ,no matter how much he can invest, the opportunity to benefit from our bots. Earn money by letting our bots trade for you on leverage trading platforms like Binance futures, Bitmex and Deribit.
Cyptscalper is unique:
-> Real trading with real trading results and proofs
-> Live trading session on zoom + Q&A in chat
-> 50% reserve funds
Investment plans:
(principal returned)
1% daily for 90 days
$10.00 - $99.00
(principal returned)
1.5% daily for 75 days
$100.00 - $249.00
(principal returned)
2% daily for 60 days
$250.00 - $2499.00
Pro trader
(principal returned)
2.5% daily for 45 days
$2500.00 - $100000.00
Payment systems in the project: PerfectMoney, BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin
Payment Schedule:We process withdrawals 1 or 2 times a day. this depends on where all funds are located. For example if we need to withdraw from Bitmex we can only do 1 withdraw daily. Bitmex only processes withdrawals once a day. But by keeping a reserve funds we will be able to cover this payouts until money is withdrawn from exchanges. So we will process payouts manually twice a day. Probably payouts will be executed between 10-12AM CET and between 6-8PM CET
Withdrawal limit 2.5$
Do not forget to set up a wallet in your account
Referral: 3 lvl: 5% - 3% - 1%
About server:
IP Address - 19 other sites hosted on this server
IP Location France - Grand-est - Strasbourg - Internetdienste Gmbh
ASN France AS29066 VELIANET-AS Internetdienste GmbH, DE (registered May 23, 2003)
Name Server: 
Name Server: 
Valid from September 18, 2019 to December 18, 2019
Serial Number: a130353e654978459995715f2eb88ffc
Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
Issuer: cPanel, Inc. Certification Authority
P.s. The admin replied that SSL will be extended either by 9 or by 21 months on Monday 09/30/19
Our contribution to the project:

Ovation Company -

12 May 2019 - 02:24 PM

Start of the project on May 12, 2019
About the project:


Information system of analytics and management for your business OVATION - is a company that explores, collects and investigates negative information about your project at any Internet resources. With contemporary structure, team of the partners being the best ones in their sphere and consultants we settle conflicts and build good relations with disappointed customers. Thus it encourages them to turn to your service or product again. So Ovation system helps increasing profit, creates advantageous background for your business and assists to support positive relations with all elements of your business.

Plus Ovation Company accounts and completely analyses your business model helping to grow as well as identify, settle and improve company internal processes.
Number of our clients increases quickly, more and more famous and strong companies choose our services. We are open for investors to achieve large turnovers. Now it is the best moment to join us and make a start! Enter multimillion information business!


Investment plans:



1% per hour for 240 hours
Deposit is included in payments
Min 30$ | Max 1000$
PLAN 105%
105% in 5 days
Deposit and profit at maturity
Min 5$ | Max 100$
7% every day for 40 days
Deposit is included in payments
Min 5$ | Max 1000$
PLAN 10%
10% every day for 15 days
Deposit is included in payments
Min 1000$ | Max 10.000$


Payment systems in the project: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum
Payment Schedule: instant
Referral's: 7% - 2% - 1%, for representatives 9% - 2% - 1%
About server:
IP Address - 397,330 other sites hosted on this server 
IP Location United States - Arizona - Scottsdale - Llc
ASN United States AS26496 AS-26496-GO-DADDY-COM-LLC -, LLC, US (registered Oct 01, 2002)
Name Server:
Name Server:
Valid from May 5, 2019 to May 5, 2020
Serial Number: 1d6188180a5321d062bc1b2a141c014f
Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
Issuer: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
Our contribution to the project:
Pay system :  PerfectMoney
Date:     05/12/2019 11:53
Batch:    260222541
From:     U1426715
To:       U20586751
Amount:   -201.00
Currency: USD
Memo: Sent Payment 200.00 USD to account U20586751. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 717, monhyip.

M-Phone -

19 March 2019 - 02:01 PM

Project start: 03.13.2019
English, Russian, Korean, Chines, Japanese, Spain
About project:



M-PHONE provides investment services, providing users with a full range of amenities, providing the most convenient statistics of investment activities and partner structure.Our aim is to create a strong relationship between the company and customers, to create excellent conditions for each investor and partner. We have all the means and have the opportunity to provide people with all the investment prospects, it is only necessary to join. 
M-PHONE is not just a phone, it is an engineering art, a technology of the future that contains all the most unique and modern qualities of the latest science. Without any doubt, it is the flagship among telephone gadgets. To ask "is it worth investing in M-PHONE?"it's like asking" is it worth investing in the future?". Our opinion-it is worth investing in it because it is the future.



Investment plans:



1% daily for 365 days




Min/max deposit amount:
10$ - 10000000$
Payment systems:
Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, ETH, VISA/MASTERCARD, YandexMoney
Referral program:
8% - 2% - 1% - 1% - 1% - 0.5% - 0.5%
Features of the project:
[ SSL ][ AntiDDOS ][ Dedicaded server ][ Exclusive Design ][ Registered Company ][ Verified PM ][ Verified Payeer ][ Green Bar ]
About server:
IP Address is hosted on a dedicated server 
IP Location United Kingdom - England - London - Ovh Sas
ASN United Kingdom AS16276 OVH, FR (registered Feb 15, 2001)
Valid from May 28, 2018 to May 29, 2019
Serial Number: 032d41c044b05b7d34f485637563dee5
Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
Issuer: GeoTrust EV RSA CA 2018
Our deposit:

Bithours -

05 September 2018 - 09:28 AM

Start of the project on September 5, 2018
About project:


Bithours Ltd is a UK registered crypto fund management company located in the heart of London. Founded by a group of experienced high frequency traders and crypto experts, we are proud to launch our state of art crypto trading platforms to all registered members. Our award winning system is based on accurate quantitative modles. It is connected to major exchanges around the globe (Binance, BitMEX, OKCoin..). Placing orders in milli-second, exploiting well tested patterns in major crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BCH, XRP. Those small trades is able to generate consistent profits 24 hours a day, making it one of the most stable system in crypto market. Our system is a long/short fund, meaning it is able to generate returns in both rising and falling markets

Our goal is to generate stable returns with minimum risk. We have strict risk management module running on top of our trading system. Cryptocurrency is transforming every aspects of modern business. Do not miss the chance to profit. Join us, let our system work for you, and double your investment in just 24 hours!


Investment plans:


70 Hours - 1.5% hourly for 70 hours

$5.00 - $1000.00
48 Hours - 2.6% hourly for 48 hours
$100.00 - $1000.00
24 Hours - 10.4% hourly for 24 hours
$500.00 - $50000.00


Payment systems in the project: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin
Payment reglament: instant
Referral: 5% - 1%
GoldCoders License
About server:
IP Address - 879 other sites hosted on this server   
IP Location United States - Georgia - Atlanta - Namecheap Inc.
ASN United States AS22612 NAMECHEAP-NET - Namecheap, Inc., US (registered Jun 21, 2011)
Valid from September 1, 2018 to September 2, 2019
Serial Number: c29cd78556a76972700951f4c7f49603
Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption
Issuer: COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
Our deposit:
Pay system :  PerfectMoney
Date:     09/05/2018 09:42
Batch:    227273327
From:     U1426715
To:       U13486469
Amount:   -50.25
Currency: USD
Memo: Sent Payment 50.00 USD to account U13486469. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User monhyip.

Grailum Ltd -

03 September 2018 - 09:41 AM

The project starts on September 1, 2018
About project:

Blockchain technology has fascinated us all since its origin of now many years back and are today only at the beginning being accepted by both many Banks, Company s and Governments worldwide. With a now exceptional amount of developers stepping in and contributing with their code part, 2018 seems to be the most fast growing path for Blockchain technology so far. Grailum Ltd. want to be a front-runner developing and contributing with new technology to the ongoing Blockchain tech and offering new services to meet the end-user of the future and make it a better place for all. Our trading secrets lay in our developed software build by our team over the last 2 years. We have been able to opt the code and now delivering a safe and stable income to any who join. The system has well proven itself and ensuring the daily ratings hold. No more watching the exchanges, glued eyes to the screen and making risky gambling on your own. Our BootTrader handle all for you. The BootTrader is just one of our many products coming your way and we aim to be your main source of all coin products you will need no matter its exchange, trading or just a stable coin-wallet.

Investment plans:


Level 1

1.1% daily for lifetime
Level 2
1.3% daily for lifetime
Level 3
1.6% daily for lifetime
Level 4
1.9% daily for lifetime
Level 5
2.2% daily for lifetime


Payment systems in the project: PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum
Minimum withdrawal amount: 10$
Referral: to 5%
About the server:
IP Address - 3 other sites hosted on this server 
IP Location France - Hauts-de-france - Roubaix - Ovh Sas
ASN France AS16276 OVH, FR (registered Feb 15, 2001)
Name Server: NS1.GRAILUM.COM
Name Server: NS2.GRAILUM.COM
Our deposit:
Pay system :  PerfectMoney
Date:     09/03/2018 08:16
Batch:    227032407
From:     U1426715
To:       U15002040
Amount:   -301.5
Currency: USD
Memo: Sent Payment 300.00 USD to account U15002040. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. BootTrader Deposit. - Nemokamas lankytoju skaitliukas Increase Page Rank Trust Seal Website Security Test ??????? Google


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