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300 Free Tokens For First 20000 Users To Whitelist (16000+ Already Gone) - Whitelist La...

Yesterday, 14:36


And next 30000 users will get 200 tokens and last 50000 members will get 100 tokens as whitelist bonus.
The whitelist will be closed on 25th March 2018
Only whitelisted members can participate in Pre-ICO contribution.
Bidium Pre-ICO sale will start on 26th March 2018
Lowest price at 0.01USD /BIDM 
The first week is 25% bonus.
The second week is 15% bonus.
Referral bonus is 25%.
Top 2 Referrers will get 10000BIDM Tokens and 6000BIDM Tokens as a reward.
ICO price will be 0.02USD/BIDM and bonus will be only 10% on the first week and 5% on the second week.
BIDM token holders benefits.
1. Token holders’ token that is stored in BIDIUM wallet can get Bidium Exchange platform’s trading 50% profit share, it will be divided among all token holders according to token holdings quantity.
2. BIDM can be used to trade almost all crypto or crypto to fiat on Bidium Exchange platform only at 0.01% trading fee
3. BIDM can be used to pay only 0.1% fee on Freelance hiring platform otherwise 1% fee using other cryptos.
4. BIDM can be used to buy or sell on our auction platform and seller will get 50% and the buyer will get 30% ad revenue from a product page.
5. By using BIDM between BIDIUM platforms there will be no transaction fees.
We are bringing Best, Secure and Reliable Crypto-Fiat-Crypto exchange + Freelance Hiring + Auction Platform. 
You can check here for further info:
Official Website:
Social Media Link:
- Email:


Ysign – The Route To Private Communication, Which Really Is Private!

19 March 2018 - 03:07 AM

I don’t think it is even required to say how much chatting/communicating online has become common and required as well. But how many of us have complete freedom over what we chat or talk about? 
I think most of us can do communicating freely and without any issues. But none gets the privacy for it. As stored copy of conversation is always there, this means that the third parties are always in the chance of accessing to our conversations and use them inappropriately.


Not anymore with ySign! It an upcoming ICO that promises to bring revolutionary changes to the industry! It is here to give you the platform for smooth communication, discrete conversations with 100% privacy guaranteed and an opportunity to stay anonymous and secure! It comes with the Blockchain-based system app, the users get the power to send messages or to make phone calls to other users FREE and with complete privacy and security. 
The whole concept of ySign is decentralized and anonymous chats, while the users are registered only with their username and password. And every user has one unique ID Address with absolute power to delete or keep the message to himself whenever he wishes. As ultimately the goal is to give every individual on the social network the privacy they DESERVE! So come forward to join hands with ySign – The new way of communication! 
The presale starts from 21st of March and will last for 4 weeks till 18th of April. The starting price from the Presale phase will be 0.00018 ETH/0.43 XEM per Token and will continue to increase by same figure every week to eventually reach towards 0.00072 ETH /1.71 XEM per Token on the 4th and last week. 
Then, the final phase will begin. The Token sale phase will run from 19th April till 4th May at price of 0.00084 ETH/2.00 XEM per Token. 
So, now is your chance to join in as early as possible to MAXIMIZE the BENEFITS! 
That is not ALL! You have a chance to get FREE Tokens! 
It’s in 5 SIMPLE steps! 
1. Visit the ySign website and click on Affiliate Link. 
2. Fill registration form and activate your profile through email confirmation. 
3. Log in and click on Affiliate from the menu. 
4. Copy your UNIQUE affiliate link and share it with your family and friends. 
5. Receive 1 FREE token for entry which activates the account by email confirmation. 
So, join in the fun on the greatest creation!
Check below in order to know further:
Official Website:
Social Media Link:
- Telegram:

Only Few Slots Left To Get 300 Free Tokens For Getting Whitelisted On Bidium!

17 March 2018 - 08:26 PM

One of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ICOs is near the take off! You still have the opportunity to get in FREE. With just a few users slot remaining to get 300 FREE Tokens for whitelisted on Bidium. 
That’s not ALL! With the Pre-ICO sale to start from 26th March, it is an ideal opportunity to get it with the price of ONLY 0.01 USD with 25% Bonus as well, so with such low price, it is a sureshot not to be missed thing! That’s not all either! 
There is epic 25% referral bonus available as well. It allows everyone to get their fair share of rewards. 
So, this is the chance to become part of an epic project, which is based upon thrilling concept and got a fantastic team leading. This is the opportunity for us to join in on this memorable experience where you COME FIRST!
You can check here for further info:
Official Website:
Social Media Link:
- Email:

Only A Few Days Left Of The Moonlite Ico

15 March 2018 - 04:56 PM

As interest in cryptocurrency grows, the mining process has become more industrial. Economies of scale may make industrial crypto-mining more cost-efficient due to the volatility within cryptocurrencies. The question remains how to mine in a sustainable and low cost way. MoonLite may offer one possible approach.
One of the most promising projects out there is the MoonLite project. Moonlite is “a new-generation, industrial scale crypto-mining operation that is focused on efficiency by employing Artificial Intelligence and Custom Algorithms, and profitability by using low cost and clean energy sources.”
The Moonlite Project is planning to be a green crypto mining project on a global scale. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin will be mined exclusively with low cost, sustainable, green energy. Moonlite will employ emergent technologies, Artificial Intelligence and custom algorithms to improve its operational efficiency and profits.
Moonlite will allocate 35% of its annual net profits to its buyback campaign. This is where the organization purchases back its MNL tokens from token-holders at the trading price and additionally each tokens profit share. All repurchased tokens will be ‘burnt’, therefore reducing the supply and increasing each token holder’s share of the total supply of MNL tokens. This also allows the net value of the token to increase over time. Token holders also have a vote in all corporate actions, profit distribution, expansion, directors, executives and the like, using the secure vote system.
Different Strategies of the Project
Mining of the largest and most stable currencies by utilizing efficient and effective equipment
Aggressive expansion and equipment replacement policy
Redundancy built into every system
Proceeds splits into a ratio of 60:20:20
Mining in different pools and local in-house nodes for each of the currency
Minimize the power and HR costs
Mining in areas having low power cost
Moonlite plans to be an efficient and green mining venture that will operate at an industrial scale. There is strong potential for Moonlite and by using the most advanced technologies in blockchain, operated and managed by an experienced team spearheaded by their founder Eric Kriege, Moonlite looks well placed to be at the forefront of the blockchain mining industry. 

Blockpix – Revolutionary Platform For Artistic Creators In Music, Films & More!

14 March 2018 - 05:57 PM



How does it feel when you have the ability and the unique set of skill yet you are not getting sufficient rewards for it? How does it feel when you the original creator of the content doesn’t get enough to even pay your bills? It certainly doesn’t feel good. 
That’s why BlockPix is here to be your SOLUTION! BlockPix is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency solution specifically designed to facilitate ease of B2C relations between artistic creators in Music, Films, Photography and other Multimedia works and their target markets using BPX Coin. 
With help of BlockPix, it will enable clients to track the original content and the owner will be paid accordingly for their skills! And that with eliminating all the hassles of fiat transactions, offering creators greater conversion value, as well as the opportunity to participate in the highly profitable business of digital currency trading. 
That’s not all, the benefits of the BlockPix E-Commerce solution for creators and their target markets include having Largest storage bandwidth for creators, Higher value for creators with complete control over the pricing, creators having direct access to clients, making it easier to negotiate, intellectual property are guaranteed and much more, so all this makes them the standout deal in the industry! 
So, come forward and get your hands on BlockPix Coin Token, which is called BPX. It will be the Official Currency of BlockPix platform! 
The token sale begins from 18th March with closing out on 18th April, so do not miss out on this revolutionary project, which will change the way entertainment industry works!

Check out further info from here:



Official Website:
Social Media Link: - Nemokamas lankytoju skaitliukas Increase Page Rank Trust Seal Website Security Test ??????? Google


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