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In Topic: Forex Is Not A Scam

Today, 07:13

As a forex trader, I don’t agree with the saying of outsiders that forex is a scam! I believe each financial market is highly competitive and will require a good amount of knowledge and skills about forex trading. and in order to become successful and to avoid unwanted risks, a trader will require patience and perseverance since each trading is unique and each a trader is engaging in forex trading a trader will get new opportunities and new challenges as well.


Well the thing is it really doesn't matter what outsiders say about forex. Those who doesn't deal with the market or have little knowledge about it, what will they know about it? They give their immature opinions and it does not affect the market.

In Topic: How Far Will Cryptocurrrencies Go For Security?

Today, 07:05

Due to the recent events concerning the safety of cryptocurrency, or cryptocurrency markets to be more precise, everything is not that good currently. Cruptocurrency markets are being frequently hacked. 


Well accounts are hacked because of lack of security from service providers and individuals. As far as I know crypto currencies securities are so tight that that it will take a super computer to crack one account 84 years (I can be wrong on the time).

In Topic: Good Trader And Trading Tips

Today, 06:57

If we are new in forex trading, we need to learn first about forex trading. We can not trade without any skills and knowledge because it's too risky. In Freshforex, trader can try to use demo account to start trading


With time and practice skills will come. It won't come in an instant and for some it may take more time than others. So they people have to be honest with themselves and act accordingly.

I am also with PA trading strategy! In my beginning stage of trading I relied on only technical tool, I used so many default as well as custom indicators, but no ultimate solution I found there! Then I have started to study on PA trading and yes, I am very happy on market describing ways of PA trading strategy!


When people gain enough experience then they see that the need for an indicator is not necessary anymore. I also don't use indicators anymore but I am not against those are are using indicators. The main thing is to take profit out of the market and any way a person can do that  is fine.

In Topic: Is Profit And Loss Depend On Luck?

Today, 06:53

Luck by chance a trader can win some trades but fortune can’t facilitate a foreign currency trader for an extended period.


You have made a very good point. I have been telling this again and again that one may win a few trades but in the long run they have to have a solid strategy which will bring them consistent profit. Luck will play it's part but one should not rely on it.

In Topic: Fxoptimax - Nz Regulated Broker

Today, 05:07

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