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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

23 June 2019 - 09:59 AM

The Range of Services NordFX Offers to its Clients Is Enriched with One of the Most Popular Investment Services, PAMM Accounts

Now NordFX clients can use one of the most popular and time-tested methods of trust management - PAMM-accounts (Percent Allocation Management Module).


This is one of the most sought-after brokerage services, since transferring funds to be managed by one or more professional traders, who receive remuneration as a percentage of profits, is an effective tool for passive earnings for investors, ensuring a substantial protection of their capital.
NordFX PAMM service offers some of the best terms in the market as well as a wide range of trading tools available on Pro and Zero accounts, including 33 currency pairs, metals, 15 crypto pairs, 4 crypto currency indexes, and CFD contracts for major world stock indices and oil.
Trading is carried out on the MetaTrader-4 platform. The maximum leverage available on PAMM accounts is 1:1000. The minimum non-withdrawable amount of the manager’s own investments is $50. There are no requirements from the company for investors, and the managing trader determines the minimum amount for investments, as well as other terms, in his offer.
You can learn more about the principles of the PAMM-service in the Trader's Cabinet in the “Investment Products” section at https://account.nord...m/account/pamm/. You can also open a corresponding account there by registering as a manager or as an investor.
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Forex Forecast for July - August 2019

The peak of the vacation season is approaching, which usually entails a decline in business activity, including that in financial markets. On the one hand, a decrease in the volatility of major currency pairs, which is already low, entails a fall in profits, but on the other hand, it also reduces potential losses in the event of a failed position.
We have repeatedly discussed in our previous forecasts, the trade wars led by US President Trump with both China and Europe, and the possibility of a global economic crisis and local recessions, Brexit and other political risks, prospects for a rate increase by the Fed and quantitative easing in the Eurozone, as well as many other factors influencing the formation of both short-term and long-term trends. If we talk about the mood of experts in the coming months, for the most part they expect that the US dollar will be able to strengthen its position in relation to other leading world currencies.
- EUR/USD. Here, 75% of analysts, supported by 80% of indicators on MN, believe that the pair will definitely make another attempt to update the lows of spring 2019 and will finally break through support in the 1.1100 zone. The targets for the bears are 1.0900 and 1.0800 (of course, a possible margin of ± 25?35 points must be considered). According to the remaining 25% of experts, the zone of 1.1100 is the fall limit, and the pair will now go to the zone 1.1530-1.1650. Most trend indicators and oscillators on W1 are also colored green.


- USD/CHF. The euro and the Swiss franc are quite strongly correlated: the European currency is falling against the dollar, and the Swiss currency is losing ground at the same time. That is why here, just as in the case of EUR/USD, most experts (75%) have preferred the “American”. According to them, the pair is expected to rise, first to the level of 1.0130, and then 100 points higher, to the height of 1.0230. By the way, about 15% of the oscillators on W1 and MN are already signaling that the pair is oversold. An alternative view is presented by a quarter of experts who do not see the dollar above the symbolic 1.0000 level. In their opinion, no more than 0.9600-0.9700 francs will be given for the “American” in the second half of the summer.
- NZD/USD and AUD/USD. We only talk about those pairs In this review, regarding the future of which most experts have already more or less formed an opinion. One of these pairs is NZD/USD: here 85% of the votes have been cast for the bears. If this prediction turns out to be correct, the New Zealand kiwi may fall to the low of 10/08/2018 in the zone of 0.6420. 90% of the oscillators on both timeframes, W1 and MN, agree with this forecast.
Bears have scored a bit less support when voting for the future of the nearest “colleague” of the New Zealander, the Australian dollar. Those turned out to be only 60%. True, they have been supported by almost 85% of trend indicators and oscillators on W1 and MN. The purpose of the bears is to update the June 17 lows, reaching the bottom in the zone of 0.6750-0.6800. 20% have favored the growth of the pair to the height of 0.7300, and another 20% have predicted a calm movement along the Pivot Point at the level of 0.7000.
- And there are two more pairs, the forecasts for which have seemed to us quite interesting. Both are tied to the British pound, these are GBP/JPY and EUR/GBP.
70% of analysts believe that the pair GBP/JPY has reached its bottom at 135.65, and now it is expected to grow first to the height of 141.50, and then a rise above the horizon 143.75 is not excluded. Those experts who expect a tough Brexit and the UK exit from the EU without a deal see the pair at 131.00.
Even though the British currency fell against the euro throughout May and early June, most analysts are looking at the future of the pound rather optimistically. Just as in the case of GBP/JPY, 70% have voted for the growth of the pound and the decline of the EUR/GBP pair to the zone of 0.8600-0.8680. The next target is the lows of March 2019 in the area 0.8470. As for the bulls, they aim to rise above the high of 01/01/2019, breaking the height of 0.9100.
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

16 June 2019 - 12:30 PM

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for June 17-21, 2019

First, a review of last week’s events:
- EUR/USD. The German Ministry of Economics has issued a gloomy forecast on the global outlook for the leading EU economy. The statement by the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, that the overall growth of the Eurozone economy slowed down, has not inspired investors either. Even the information that the share of the euro in the global reserves of leading countries began to grow could not help the European currency. This share is 20.7% now, and it is still very far from the US dollar with its 61.7%. The market does not forget about the possible resuscitation of the ECB quantitative easing policy (QE).
In general, the week did not work for the euro, and, as most experts assumed (60%), the pair turned to support in the zone 1.1200-1.1215 from the very beginning of the five-day week. However, it managed to achieve it only at the very end of the trading session, on the evening of Friday, June 14; therefore, a breakthrough below this zone did not happen;
- GBP/USD. The holders of the British currency are not happy with the news either. And again, the news concern Brexit above all. It is highly likely that the post of the Conservative Party of Great Britain leader and, accordingly, the post of prime minister will be occupied by Boris Johnson. Following the first round, he is supported by 114 legislators. His closest competitor, Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, has only 43 votes. This does not predict anything good for the pound, since Johnson considers it necessary to reconsider the deal that Teresa May agreed to with the European Union earlier. And this is a clear increase in political risks and another reason for the flight of investors from the British market. As a result, over the past five days, the pair dropped by about 150 points and finished the week at 1.2585;
- USD/JPY. Recall that last week 40% of analysts turned their views to the north, 40% to the south and 20% to the east. It is this equality of strength between bulls and bears that was reflected on the chart of the pair, which spent the whole week in a very narrow range, 108.15-108.80, and completed it at the level 108.55;
- cryptocurrency. On June 14, the President of the United States celebrated his 73rd birthday. A few days earlier, it was announced that Google users are much more likely to search for information about Bitcoin, and not about Donald Trump. There is another piece of news, testifying to the popularity of the basic cryptocurrency. It turns out that 60% of BTC coins have not moved anywhere over the past year, indicating a high investor interest in this asset.
This is confirmed by the fact that, starting from June 10, Bitcoin is steadily growing, approaching the May 31 high at the level of $9,100 once again. On Friday evening, June 14, it managed to reach the height of $8,700, having risen in price by about 15% in five days.
Litecoin (LTC/USD) maintains good momentum as well, at the maximum it reached $143.6. Ethereum (ETH/USD) has not added a single point in two weeks, but the Ripple is moving steadily down, having lost about 10% during the same time. 
As for the forecast for the coming week, summarizing the opinions of a number of analysts, as well as forecasts made on the basis of a variety of methods of technical and graphical analysis, we can say the following:
- EUR/USD. The hot breath of another war in the Middle East is felt again. On June 13, two tankers caught fire off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The US Department of State has accused Iran of a torpedo attack on the ships, Iran denies all the charges. But despite this, the oil price flew up.
The cold trade wars do not subside either. The United States seems to be confident of its victory over China, threatening to expand duties on all Chinese imports if Xi Jinping does not appear to meet with Donald Trump in Osaka, Japan. In response, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced that it would “fight to the end,” putting domestic consumption as a priority. The US threatens the EU with new duties as well.
Now, the upcoming events. If last week was dedicated to inflation, the coming one can be called the week of interest rates. The decision on the interest rate of the US Federal Reserve will be known on Wednesday, June 19, and the Banks of Japan and England will announce their decisions on the rate on Thursday. However, neither in the first, nor in the second, nor in the third case should you expect any sensations, all the rates will most likely remain unchanged. Of much greater interest are the accompanying comments, which may give clearer guidelines on the monetary policy of the mega-regulators. According to the Wall Street Journal experts, the likelihood of a recession in the United States has risen to its highest level since 2011, and therefore 70% of them expect the dollar rate to decline as early as this July-September.
In the meantime, 65% of analysts are expecting the pair to rebound up. The euro may be supported by the rise in oil prices associated with the conflict off the coast of the UAE. The target of the bulls is a return to the level 1.1350, the next target is the zone 1.1420-1.1450. 
It is only 35% of the experts who side with the bears. The target is to break through the support around 1.1200-1.1215 and reach the horizon of 1.1100. Over 90% of trend indicators on H4 and D1 stand for the fall of the pair as well. As for the oscillators, the picture is completely different. 70% of them are colored red on H4, and 30% give signals the pair being oversold. A third of the oscillators are red on D1, a third is green, and another third is colored neutral gray;
- GBP/USD. If we talk about macroeconomic indicators, in addition to the already mentioned interest rate decision, we are expecting the publication of the Bank of England’s inflation report on Monday and the consumer price index on Wednesday, which are predicted to play against the pound. However, their influence will be not strong and short.
Brexit is still the key factor for this pair's conduct. Markets have almost come to terms with Boris Johnson at the helm of the UK. Now the question is how the EU will respond to his attempt to start negotiations from the scratch. And here again, there is no clarity. That is why the votes of experts are divided almost equally: one third stand for the growth of the pair, one third expect its fall, and one third simply abstain from any forecasts.
As for the indicators, the majority points to the south, but about 10% of the oscillators on H4 and D1 are in the oversold zone;
- USD/JPY. Here, the picture is not very clear either. Experts speak about the growth of risk-free sentiment almost unanimously. About the fact that the share of the US dollar in foreign exchange reserves of many countries has reached a historical low. About the fact that countries continue to diversify their assets in favor of safe haven currencies, such as the yen. About the fact that the recent auctions of 10- and 30-year Treasury securities in the United States reduced their profitability and stimulated good demand for the yen. In such circumstances, it would seem  the quotes of the Japanese currency should soar to the skies. But the yen ... has been crawling in a narrow channel not exceeding 100 points, for the second week.
However, 80% of experts remain optimistic about its future, predicting a decline of the pair first to the level of 107.80, and then even lower by 80-100 points. Graphical analysis and 70% of trend indicators on D1 agree with this forecast. An alternative point of view is expressed by 20% of analysts. The zones of resistance are 108.85-109.00, 109.70-109.90 and 110.65-110.90;


- Cryptocurrencies. If Bitcoin can reach the May 31 high at $9,100, and then continue to grow steadily, we can say that the fall in the first days of June was nothing more than a correction. The target of bulls is the symbolic height of $10,000 per coin. 70% of experts are sure that this will happen if not until the end of June, then during the summer. The remaining 30% are more pessimistic and believe that we will soon see the pair BTC/USD in the $7,500–8,000 area.
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
#eurusd #gbpusd #usdjpy #usdchf #forex #forex_example #signals #forex #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

11 June 2019 - 07:29 AM

NordFX Seriously Improves Trading Terms for Traders



The broker company NordFX has made another improvement in trading conditions, significantly reducing spreads and transaction costs, thanks to which the company's clients have received new additional opportunities to increase their income.
The changes have affected two types of trading accounts. The spreads on currency pairs have been reduced by almost 30% on the Pro account, and as for the Zero account with spreads from 0 points, the transaction fee has been reduced from 0.0045% to 0.0035%.
Considering the fact that the speed of order execution is less than 0.5 sec and the leverage is up to 1:1000, NordFX clients now have an opportunity to carry out transactions with currencies on terms that are among the most profitable in the financial services market.
#eurusd #gbpusd #usdjpy #forex #forex_forecast #signals_forex #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

08 June 2019 - 02:01 PM

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for June 10 - 14, 2019

First, a review of last week’s events:
- EUR/USD. It seems that Mario Draghi has already lost the ability to influence the market, which is waiting for the arrival of the new head of the ECB to replace him. At least, the rather soft rhetoric of Draghi and his reasoning about a possible quantitative easing, sounded last Thursday, was perceived quite calmly by investors. The euro was not weakened by the statement that it was not worth expecting a rate increase until the middle of next year either. As a result, surprisingly, the press conference of the ECB leadership played into the hands of the European currency, and the pair went up to the level above 1.1300. There followed a smooth rollback to the level of 1.1250 and ... a new breakthrough to the north at the time of publication of data on the labor market in the US on Friday, June 07.
Experts were prepared for the fact that the NFP indicator (the number of new jobs created outside the agricultural sector) could “shrink” by about 30%, but almost no one expected a reduction of 3 times (from 224K to 75K). As a result, the pair soared to the level of 1.1345, and the weekly swing was 180 points. As for the end of the five-day week, at the end of the trading session, 1 euro was worth $1.1333;
- GBP/USD. They say that no news is good news. Following the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May, there were no significant events in the British Isles, which allowed the pound to strengthen its position during all week, step by step. President Trump's visit to Queen Elizabeth II hit the front pages of the secular, but not the economic chronicle. And Mrs. May's efforts, who directed the remnants of her influence in order to prevent the "hard" Brexit, could only slightly support the uptrend of the British currency. The same applies to weak statistics on employment in the United States. As a result, the pair returned to the highs of a week ago, putting the final chord practically where the analysts who were waiting for correction indicated, at the level of 1.2733;
- USD/JPY. Recall that the votes of the experts last week were divided as follows: 50% sided with the bears, 25% sided with the bulls, and 25% stood in the middle confused. We can say that it is this discrepancy that is reflected on the pair chart.
Quotes of the yen against the dollar are strongly correlated with the US Treasury bonds. The fall of the latter stopped on Monday, June 3, stopping the pair from falling below the mark of 107.80. Then the dollar began to regain its position, and by the time of the NFP data publication reached the height of 108.65, after which the pair sharply went down, felt the bottom at the level of 107.88, and finished the week at 108.18;
- Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been declared “halal” in Egypt, in accordance with the Sharia law. The new decree lifts the ban on cryptocurrency, in force since 2018, and this is probably the best news of the week. In general, the background was mostly neutral. In the absence of the news, as many analysts assumed, despite attempts to turn the pair up, a correction continued: the bulls were taking profits, and this sale stopped the influx of new investors. If on Friday, May 31, the BTC/USD pair was at the level of $9,100, on Thursday, June 6, it fixed a locallow, dropping to $7,450 and losing 18% in six days.
The Ethereum chart (ETH/USD) almost completely repeated the dynamics of the elder brother, Bitcoin. But the Ripple and the Litecoin turned out to be much more capable of “regeneration”. Thus, the XRP/USD pair almost returned to the values of the end of the previous week, and LTC/USD even slightly exceeded them.
As for the forecast for the coming week, summarizing the opinions of a number of analysts, as well as forecasts made on the basis of a variety of methods of technical and graphical analysis, we can say the following:
- EUR/USD. Speech by Mario Draghi on June 6 pushed the euro up. On Wednesday, June 12, we are expecting his next speech, from which investors still hope to get clearer guidelines on the ECB’s monetary policy for the foreseeable future. Another source of operational information for the market is President Trump's Twitter, in which he often shares information and plans regarding his trade wars, primarily with China.
As for the exact figures, the upcoming week will be devoted to inflation. On Wednesday, the CPI index values will be published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, on Wednesday and Friday, consumer price indices in the USA will become known, and on Thursday, June 13, the German ones.
In the meantime, expert opinions are divided as follows. 60%, supported by graphical analysis on D1 and 20% of oscillators that give signals the pair being overbought, expect that it will try to break through the support of 1.1215 and retest the lows in the 1.1100 zone. The alternative point of view is held by 40% of experts and the vast majority of oscillators and trend indicators. In case they are right, the pair will be able to consolidate above the level of 1.1400, aiming at the resistance of 1.1525; 
- GBP/USD. At the beginning of the coming week, candidates for the post of the UK Conservative Party leader will likely be known. It will also become more or less clear, how many votes they can get by moving to the post of Prime Minister, and to what extent the likelihood of a “hard” Brexit and exit from the EU without an agreement is likely.
Currently, 55% of the experts, supported by graphical analysis on H4, continue to side with the bulls and 45% side with the bears. The trend indicators have exactly the same ratio: 55% are for the growth of the pair and 45% stand for its fall. Oscillators have a slightly different picture. There, despite the overwhelming advantage of the “green”, 10% of the indicators on H4 and D1 give signals the pair is overbought, which can indicate either a fairly strong correction or a beginning of a downward trend.
Some impact on the behavior of the pair may be exercised by the data on the labor market in the UK, which will be published on Tuesday, June 11. But, with a high degree of probability, it can be assumed that this influence will be mild and short-lived;


- USD/JPY. It is also unlikely that the GDP data in Japan, which will be released on Monday, June 10, will have an impact on the market. The main drivers are still the yield of US government bonds, oil prices and the course of the US-China negotiations. In such a situation of uncertainty, 40% of analysts have turned their eyes to the north, 40% to the south and 20% to the east. The main support levels are 107.75 and 107.00, resistance levels are 109.15, 109.65, 110.35 and 110.65;
- Cryptocurrencies. Will the current Bitcoin correction be actually only temporary? Or is this the beginning of a new downtrend? Disputes about how applicable methods of analyzing the movement of fiat currencies to digital currencies, flare up with a new force.
Proponents of the theory of growth, of course, are Bitcoin holders, who are trying in every way to warm up the market with all sorts of news. For example, the founder of the company Dadiani Syndicate has reported that she received an order from one of the clients to acquire 25% of all currently issued bitcoins (which is about 4.5 million coins worth about $36 billion). Another piece of news is that only from the beginning of June, the largest BTC wallets have attracted $2.72 billion. But if this is so, why, despite the influx of these billions, the BTC/USD rate fell by 18% in six days?
Although, in fairness, it should be noted that at the end of the working week, on June 7, both Bitcoin and the major Altcoins attempted to recover, and the BTC/USD pair returned to the $7,800-8,000 zone, which can be considered Pivot Point for the last three weeks.
As for analysts, at the moment 50% of them believe that the pair should go down to the horizon $7,000, 30% - for returning to the zone above $9,000, and the remaining 20% are for lateral movement in the channel $7,500-8,450.
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

05 June 2019 - 07:18 AM

NordFX Offers CFD Trading Tools to Its Clients

Dear Clients,
We are glad to inform you that, UKOIL.c (Crude Oil Brent CFD-contracts) and five CFD-indices have been added to the list of available trading instruments, including:
- DJ30.c (Dow Jones 30, a stock index covering 30 major US corporations),
- US500.c (S&P 500, a stock index which includes 500 selected US joint stock companies with the largest capitalization),
- DE30.c (DAX, Germany 30 Cash index, an index that includes the 30 major German companies whose shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange),
- USTEC.c (NAS100 - NASDAQ-100, a US stock index. The index includes 100 largest companies in terms of capitalization, whose shares are traded on the NASDAQ exchange. The index does not include financial sector companies),
- JP225.c (JP225.c - Nikkei 225, an index representing the average value of the stock price of 225 companies traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange),
Trading with CFD instruments (contracts for difference Contract for Difference) is available on Fix, Pro and Zero accounts. You can find more detailed information on the contract terms for these instruments in the specifications of these accounts, CFD Specification tab.
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