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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

17 March 2019 - 10:37 AM

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for March 18 - 22, 2019

First, a review of last week’s events:
- EUR/USD. During the whole week, the European currency was pushed up not only by the growth of the Euro Stoxx 600 index, accompanied by the pigeon rhetoric of the ECB Head Mario Draghi, but also, above all, by an optimistic attitude regarding the exit conditions (and perhaps not the exit) of the UK from the EU. As a result, the pair re-consolidated within the medium-term corridor 1.1215-1.1570, in which it has been moving since end October 2018, and even approached its central line, reaching a height of 1.1338 on Wednesday, March 13.
Thursday, March 14, turned out to be the only bad day for the European currency. It became known on this day that there would be no meeting of the leaders of the United States and China, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, in March, and it may happen only in April. This news again aroused investors' interest in the dollar, though not for long, and the pair could be seen at 1.1345 on Friday. As for the end of the trading session, thanks to a strong University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, the pair met it 20 points lower, at the level of 1.1325;
- GBP/USD. Most experts expected strengthening of the British currency and its growth in March first to the February high (1.3350), and then 200 points higher. This forecast starts to come true: last week's high was fixed at the height of 1.3380, and the pair completed the five-day marathon in the area of a very strong resistance level of 1.3300.
The weekly amplitude of oscillations reached 420 points. And if you look at the pair’s chart, it somehow resembles a cardiogram, whose jumps and falls are related to what was happening these days in London. The Parliament of Great Britain voted against a repeated referendum and spoke in favor of postponing Brexit's deadline to June 30. At the same time, the “hard” exit scenario, without a deal with the EU, was rejected. Now, Prime Minister Theresa May will have to bow to the European Union with a request to postpone Brexit. But the EU {0reaction to this is another question, since all 27 countries of this community should give their consent to this. And what will happen with the new agreement is also unclear. If the parties could not agree for more than two years, what can they do in the next three months?
- USD/JPY. As most analysts predicted, the pair remained within the ascending channel, which began at the very beginning of January 2019, and almost reached the bar at 112.00. It stayed only 10 points below this height, but the head of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, managed to halt the fall of his national currency.
Economic performance of Japan does not look best. The trade deficit is the largest in 6 years, and the reduction in exports to China is the highest in 2 years. This is partly due to the celebration of the New Year in China, but the fact remains that Japan has suffered greatly from the slowdown in global economic growth. The planned increase in sales tax for 2019 does not add optimism either.
However, according to Kuroda, things are not all that bad. “At present,” he said at a press conference on March 15, “our main scenario assumes the recovery of the economies of China and the eurozone in the second half of this year.”  “And the Japanese economy itself remains in moderate expansion, and the impulse to achieve the inflation target of 2%, remains unchanged.”
- Cryptocurrencies. There is such a famous philosophical paradox, called Buridan's Ass. This is a parable of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and its meaning lies in the problem of choice. There is a donkey dying of hunger, and it stands exactly in the middle between two absolutely identical heaps of hay. Which one to choose? According to the parable, the donkey could not decide and, in the end, died of hunger.
There are no donkeys in the cryptocurrency community, there are bulls and bears, but even they have been roaming along one line for many weeks, not knowing which way to go in order to get enough profit.
The above is a metaphor. But the fact that the price of Bitcoin has consolidated around $3,900 is a fact. It is for the third week that the maximum volatility does not exceed 200-300 points. Some experts hopefully call this the end of the accumulation phase and the lull before a storm. But what is considered a storm?
As predicted, the BTC/USD pair moved in the $3,850-4,050 corridor last week. Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Litecoin (LTC/USD) demonstrated similar modest volatility. And it was only Ripple (XRP/USD) that showed several spikes, although later everything calmed down and returned to normal.
As for the forecast for the coming week, summarizing the opinions of a number of analysts, as well as forecasts made on the basis of a variety of methods of technical and graphical analysis, we can say the following:
- EUR/USD. On the one hand, the slowdown in US GDP and the prospects for economic recovery in the Eurozone play in favor of the European currency. On the other hand, Trump’s threats to launch a new round of economic wars against the EU are causing alarm for the future of the Euro. As a result, most experts (65%) believe that the pair will continue to balance in the range of 1.1215-1.1570. At the same time, positive information on Brexit will contribute to its targeted advancement to the upper boundary of this channel. The nearest strong resistance is in the 1.1400 zone, the next one is 100 points higher.
On Wednesday, March 20, the US Federal Reserve interest rate decision and the traditional press conference of Jerome Powell, the head of this organization, await us. There will most likely be no surprises for the first issue, and the rate will remain unchanged so far. Most of the experts (60%) believe that its next increase will occur only in September or even later. But Powell can make adjustments to these forecasts in his speech, and then the pair may turn down, break down the lower border of the channel 1.1215, and return to the March 7 low, 1.1175. About 15% of experts do not even rule the decline of the pair in March-April to the area of 1.1000-1.1100;


- GBP/USD. On Tuesday, March 19 and Wednesday, the 20th a block of macroeconomic data from the UK will be published, and on Thursday the 21st, the decision of the Bank of England on the interest rate. But all these events are fading compared to the next episode of the series called Brexit: there will be another vote in the Parliament on the deal with the EU on March 20, which will certainly cause the pair to increase its volatility.
The pair completed the past week in the zone of a very strong resistance level 1.3300, which it has been trying to overcome since last June. Whether this zone will become a level of support depends on the note on which this meeting of the Parliament ends, and also what signals will come from the Bank of England the next day. 70% of analysts, supported by 90% of trend indicators and oscillators on D1, are optimistic, considering that the pair will be able to rise to the level of 1.3470. The next target is 1.3600.
An alternative point of view is supported by 30% of experts. According to them, the pound has already exhausted its potential, and the pair is facing lateral movement in the channel 1.2960-1.3300. Support/resistance levels are 1.3080 and 1.3200;
- USD/JPY. The basic forecast for this pair remains the same: 75% of analysts believe that the uptrend will continue, the pair will overcome the bar at 112.00, after which it is expected to move in the side channel 112.25-113.70, as it was in last November-December.
The forecast that is drawn by graphical analysis on D1 looks more restrained: lateral movement within 111.35-112.70.
As for indicators, 70% of them, both on H4 and D1, are colored green, 20% are gray, neutral, and only 10% are red.
In the case of a trend reversal, support levels are 109.10, 110.25 and 110.75; 
- Cryptocurrencies. If you look at the Bitcoin chart, you have a bad feeling about another disaster. Look at the segment from mid-July to mid-November 2018: gradual decrease in volatility, consolidation, calm and, as a result ... a drop in quotes by almost 45%, - from $6,500 to $3,660.
And now take a look at the period from mid-November to today. You see absolutely the same picture: a gradual decrease in volatility, consolidation, calm and, as a result ... But what the result will be, is still unknown. The crypto market is known for its unpredictability. Although, 70% of specialists vote for the fall of the pair BTC/USD in spring below $3,000.
As for the forecast for the near future, it remains unchanged: most likely, the pair will continue to move along the horizon of $3,900 with quotes spikes by 200-300 points in one direction or another. It should be noted that the trading conditions offered by the brokerage company NordFX make it possible to profit intraday even on most minor fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. Trading takes place on the MT4 and MT5 platforms familiar to traders, commissions are minimal, and just $100 for MT5 or $300 for MT4 is enough to open a buy or a sell position with a volume of 1 Bitcoin (1 lot).
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

10 March 2019 - 09:27 AM

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for March 11 - 15, 2019

First, a review of last week’s events:
- EUR/USD. The pair collapsed on Thursday, March 7, after the ECB announced that it was not worth waiting for the increase in interest rates this autumn. The earliest when this can happen is 2020. In addition, it became known that the European regulator plans to launch LTRO (Long Term Refinancing Operation) in September - a program to refinance European banks at low interest rates. If we add the reduction in forecasts for GDP and inflation to this, as well as statistics on foreign trade of China that are not the best for the Eurozone, the picture for the European currency is rather sad.
As a result, by mid-Friday, the pair slipped to the values of summer 2017 (1.1175), literally jumping out of the medium-term corridor 1.1215-1.1570. However, data on the US labor market published on March 8 (NFP) allowed the bulls to turn the trend up. After the number of new jobs amounted to 311K in January, it was expected that in February this figure would be equal to 180K. In reality, the result turned out to be many times worse, only 20K, which made it possible to once again talk about stagnation in the US economy and to return the pair to the level of 1.1235;
- GBP/USD. As expected by most analysts (60%), on the eve of the re-vote in the UK Parliament on the EU deal, which should occur on March 12, the pound continued its decline, losing about 200 points in a week and reaching values in the 1.3000 zone;
- USD/JPY. Recall that last week about 20% of the oscillators on H4 and D1 already gave signals this pair was overbought, which allowed us to expect a fairly strong downward correction. This is what happened in reality, the yen almost won back the losses of the last week of February and ended the five-day period at the level of 111.15;
- Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been slowly and not very confidently, but still growing for the last month and a half. Somebody, of course, may have some hopes out of the growth of 16%. But, if you look at the chart, it is clearly visible that any efforts of the bulls immediately meet with active resistance from the bears, who categorically do not want to release the main cryptocurrency beyond the 15-week highs. Therefore, it is still possible to talk about the consolidation of BTC in the $3,900 zone.
As for the capitalization of the crypto market, here everything looks quite prosaic and monotonous: starting from the end of December, its volumes fluctuate in a fairly narrow range from $110 billion to $135 billion (not counting a one-time surge to $141 billion).
Of the top altcoins, Litecoin (LTC/USD) has shown the most visible growth, having added almost 90% in a month and a half. For Ethereum (ETH/USD), this indicator looks much more modest: plus 30%, while for Ripple (XRP/USD) the increase was only 10%.
As for the forecast for the coming week, summarizing the opinions of a number of analysts, as well as forecasts made on the basis of a variety of methods of technical and graphical analysis, we can say the following:
The week March 11 to 15 will literally be filled with events, each of which can not only cause an increase in volatility, but also lead to a change in the trends’ direction.
So, on Monday, March 11, a meeting of eurozone finance ministers will be held in Brussels. And on the same day in the evening, the data on the US “retail sales control group” will become known, which, according to forecasts, may slightly strengthen the dollar.
Tuesday will also see the publication of economic statistics from the United States, this time it will be the consumer price index. Attention should be paid to the speech of the head of the Federal Reserve, J. Powell on monetary policy. On Wednesday, we are expecting a report on the UK budget, as well as statistics on retail sales and industrial production in China. On Thursday, we will learn what is happening with consumer prices in Germany, and on Friday we will hear Haruhiko Kuroda’s comment on the prospects for the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan. 
But all these rather important events fade before what should happen on Tuesday, March 12, in the capital of the United Kingdom. It is on this day that a second vote will be held in the British Parliament on the terms of Brexit, and, in the event of another failure of Prime Minister May, lawmakers will be able to vote on March 13 to postpone the negotiations and postpone Brexit to a later date. Theoretically, even a second referendum on the exit of the UK from the EU is not excluded.
These votes can affect not only the quotes of the major world currencies, but also the future of the world economy as a whole. In the meantime, analysts' opinions are as follows:
- EUR/USD. 60% of experts, supported by almost 90% of oscillators and trend indicators, expect the euro to further fall to the 1.1100-1.1125 zone. It should be noted that in the transition to the forecast for the second half of March, 60% of analysts are already siding with the bulls, waiting for the pair to return to level 1.1400-1.1500;
- GBP/USD. 65% of the experts have now voted for the decline of the pair to the level of 1.2850-1.2900. However, in the transition to longer-term forecasts, as well as in the case of the euro, the majority (60%) expects the British currency to strengthen and rise to the maximum of February (1.3350) and then 200 points higher;
- USD/JPY. Despite the fall of the pair last week, it remains within the ascending channel, which began at the very beginning of January 2019. That is why 60% of analysts, supported by graphical analysis on D1, believe that the pair will overcome the bar at 112.00, after which it is expected to move in the side channel 112.25-113.70, as it was last November-December.
The alternative point of view is supported by 40% of experts, who believe that the pair has not yet reached its local bottom, which is in the zone of 109.70-110.10;


- Cryptocurrencies. There is a saying "Many men, many minds". A well-known crypto trader and one of the top authors on TradingView under the pseudonym MagicPoopCannon has conducted a survey among his followers on Twitter, asking them to give an answer regarding the long-term price of Bitcoin. About 3 thousand subscribers took part in the voting. According to their answers, the majority (42%) believes that over the next four years, the price of Bitcoin will be in the interval between $100,000 and $1 million, 30% called a number between $20,000 and $100,000, 13% in the range from $3.000 to $20.000 and 15% predicted this cryptocurrency the darkest future, calling the range from $0 to $3,000.
As for the forecast for the near future, according to most experts, the BTC/USD pair will most likely continue to move in the $3,600-4,300 range, waiting for some really serious news that will help break through the boundaries of this channel in any direction.
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

03 March 2019 - 10:43 AM

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for March 04 - 08, 2019

First, a review of last week’s events:
- EUR/USD. For the first half of the week, the euro was growing due to expectations that the UK’s exit from the EU will be postponed indefinitely. The pair rose above the center line of the medium-term corridor 1.1300-1.1500. However, the last day of winter, February 28, made its own adjustments, inspiring fans of the dollar. The estimate of US GDP for 2018 turned out to be much higher than the forecast. A very strong index of business activity in Chicago played in favor of the dollar. As a result, the pair went down, but the joy of the bears was short-lived. The impulse was so weak that it could not even come close to the support of 1.1300. And after the publication of the ISM Business Activity Index on March 1, which turned out to be worse than the previous value, and worse than the forecast, the pair went up again. This was followed by another unsuccessful attempt to break through the defenses of the bulls, after which the pair completed the week at 1.1365;
- GBP/USD. So, the British Parliament has agreed to the proposal of Prime Minister Theresa May to vote on the impossibility of Brexit without a deal with the EU, as well as the need to postpone the withdrawal of the country from the European Union. Please note: this is not a postponement of the Brexit date, but only the consent of the Parliament to put this issue to a vote. But this was enough for the pound to grow by 300 points and reach the height of 1.3350 by the middle of the week. And then everything was, as in the case of the euro: some restoration of the dollar's position, then sad statistics from the US on Friday, and as a result, the final chord of the pair is at the level of 1.3200;
- USD/JPY. The quotes of the Japanese currency last week were influenced by two unpleasant factors. Firstly, it is the continuing growth of the risk appetites of investors and the capital outflow to countries with developing economies. The second blow was the growing, due to the positive statistics released on Thursday, yield of US Treasury bonds.
Recall that last week 70% of experts voted for a further fall of the yen and the rise of the pair to the level 111.50-112.50. Due to these factors, this forecast turned out to be accurate, and the pair recorded the week high at the height of 112.07, after which it completed the five-day week at 111.90;
- Cryptocurrencies. As is often the case in this market, the biggest jumps in quotations happen during the weekend, after which the market falls into hibernation on working days. It so happened this time as well. On Saturday, February 23, Bitcoin took off to the height of $4,280, after which, no less quickly, crashed to $3,810, after which it moved to lateral movement, one approaching, one moving away from the key horizon of $4,000. Other top coins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others, showed similar dynamics. At the same time, the pairs LTC/USD and XRP/USD completed the seven-day period almost at the same place where they started, once again confirming the opinion that there are no really serious drivers capable of forming a really powerful trend for the entire market.
The total market capitalization for the week fell by 7.8%, from $141 billion to $130 billion.
As for the forecast for the coming week, summarizing the opinions of a number of analysts, as well as forecasts made on the basis of a variety of methods of technical and graphical analysis, we can say the following:
- EUR/USD. Statistics show that in 2018, the US economy grew by 2.9%. President Trump promises that in 2019 it will continue to grow, naming a figure of 3.0%. Logic suggests that in such a situation it is necessary to actively buy dollars. However, unlike Trump, the Fed predicts a recession and a fall in GDP up to 2.3%. If we add the assurances of the ECB of the steady growth of the Eurozone economy by 0.5% in each quarter of 2019 to this, the situation no longer seems so unambiguous.
The analysts' forecasts look the same ambiguous, their opinions are divided exactly in half, 50% are for the growth of the pair, 50% are for its decline. At the same time, according to the version of both, the pair is likely to stay in the corridor 1.1300-1.1500, in which is moving from the end of October 2018. Of course, emissions to extremes are not excluded, however, in this case the range of oscillations will be slightly wider - 1.1215-1.1570.   
If we go from a weekly to a medium-term forecast, there is already a majority among supporters of the European currency (65%), who predict the growth of the pair to the 1.1700-1.1800 zone. 
Now a few words about technical analysis. More than 80% of the indicators are colored green, but already 15% of the oscillators on D1 give signals that the pair is overbought. As for the graphical analysis, it draws the wave-like movement of the pair in channel 1.1215-1.1455 on the daily time frame.
Of the important events of the upcoming week, attention should be paid to the ECB meeting on Thursday, March 7, at the end of which it will perhaps become clear who will be the next chairperson of this bank. Also, traditionally, volatility in the markets can be added by data on Eurozone GDP on Thursday and statistics on the US labor market on Friday, March 8; 
- GBP/USD. Of course, last week’s optimism regarding the pound was a temporary phenomenon. A possible postponement of Brexit is nothing more than a delay, not a solution. And it will become clear only in the middle of the month whether it happens at all. On March 12, a second vote will be held on the deal, and in case of another failure of Ms. May, on March 13, the question will be raised that the United Kingdom could not leave the EU without an agreement. If the Parliament approves such a decision, the next day, lawmakers will be able to vote for a delay in negotiations, which means that Brexit will be postponed to a later date. 
Nobody knows what impact Brexit itself and its postponement will have on the economy of the British Kingdom. But so far, a slight advantage is with the bears: 60% of analysts predict the pair to fall to the level of 1.3115, the following supports are 1.2965 and 1.2830. The remaining 40% of experts believe that the pound, having pushed off from the support of 1.3200, can still grow and reach the levels of 1.3315, 1.3470 and in the medium term - 1.3615;
- USD/JPY. Growing risk appetites and oil prices give the majority (65%) of experts a reason to expect a further fall in the yen and the pair's growth to the level of 112.25-113.25. The ultimate goal is 114.20. The graphical analysis on D1 also agrees with this development of events. However, already about 20% of the oscillators on H4 and D1 give signals the pair is overbought, which is a precursor of a fairly strong downward correction. Therefore, in the transition to the monthly forecast, already 70% of analysts vote for the trend reversal and the decline of the pair to 110.25. The next support is at 109.15;


- Cryptocurrencies. In general, despite some subsidence of the crypto market, the news background in this area looks quite positive. After JPMorgan was the first of the US banks to test its own digital coin, JPM Coin, everyone is waiting for the development of similar projects from Facebook and Telegram. And the introduction of cryptocurrency in WhatsApp should cover 35% of the world's population. In such a situation, crypto enthusiasts predict the next take-off for digital currencies. So, for example, according to IBM Vice President for Blockchain Jesse Lund, the price of the reference cryptocurrency will exceed $5,000 by the end of 2019, and then it will start to rise sharply and eventually reach $1 million.
It is clear that the prediction about a million dollars for 1 BTC is not even a forecast, but a dream. But with respect to the near future, most experts (65%) are positive, considering that Bitcoin will definitely consolidate above the $4,000 level, rising to the $4,300-4,600 zone. However, the number of pessimists, as before, is quite large, 35%. In their opinion, we will soon see BTC quotes around $3,200-3,500.
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
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In Topic: Market Forecasts And Analysis From Nordfx

24 February 2019 - 12:43 PM

Forex Forecast and Cryptocurrencies Forecast for February 25 - March 01, 2019

First, a review of last week’s events:
- EUR/USD. For almost the entire week, the pair stayed where it had been repeatedly a week, a month, and two or three months ago. Apart from the rare short-term breakthroughs, the pair cannot break out of the medium-term corridor 1.1300-1.1500. If we expand this channel to extremum points, it will be slightly wider: 1.1215-1.1570.    
This was due to the lack of clarity both on Brexit and on the US-China negotiations. One can add to this, on the one hand, the desire of the Fed to curb the growth of interest rates, and on the other, weak statistics on the economy of Germany and the Eurozone. As soon as the dollar begins to grow, rumors from the ECB about the possibility of launching an anti-crisis LTRO (Long Term Refinancing Operation) or articles by venerable analysts saying that the US currency is overbought, appear, and the trend is again turning in favor of the euro. As a result, the dollar was unable to break through the lower boundary of the channel last week and ended the session at 1.1335;
- GBP/USD. Despite the incessant talk about the possibility of the chaotic Brexit, the pound showed an impressive growth on Tuesday, February 19. Even Fitch’s warning about the possibility of lowering the UK credit rating did not scare the bulls. Having stepped over the psychological level of 1.3000, the pound rose another 100 points higher, followed by a rebound, and the pair continued to move along the 1.3000 horizon, stopping at 1.3050 at midnight Friday;
- USD/JPY. During the week, experts were discussing how the decline of the SP500 index, with which the pair is correlated, would affect the behavior of the Japanese currency. How will the completion of the next stage of the US-China talks affect it? Will the pair get a support from the increase in the yield of 10-year US and Japanese government bonds?
Looking at the USD/JPY chart, one can see how sluggish the market reacted to the change in all these factors. With some dominance of bullish sentiment, the pair kept within the extremely narrow side channel 110.45-110.95, returning to its central zone, the level of 110.66 by the end of the week;
- Cryptocurrencies. The market stayed impressed during the past 7 days by the news that JPMorgan, the first of the US banks, created and successfully tested its own digital coin, JPM Coin, which it plans to use in mutual settlements with major financial institutions. And even despite the fact that, JPM Coin is in fact a competitor to the reference cryptocurrency, Bitcoin quotes went up. DataLight analysts concluded that as the price of Bitcoin increased, the number of transactions increased as well, reaching the values of April 2018.
However, this positive attitude does not mean a radical reversal of the trend and the beginning of a steady growth in the crypto market. Yes, indeed, its volumes since last Friday first grew by about 10%. But after the BTC reached the level of $4,000, many players on growth decided to take profits, which led to a decrease in capitalization by 2%. Therefore, the scenario of the BTC/USD pair consolidating at the horizon of $3,700 cannot be excluded from consideration.
It should be noted that the share of Bitcoin as a “heavyweight” on the market now amounts to more than 58%. As for the top altcoins, since May 2018, their "piece of cake" is continuously decreasing. Thus, the share of Ripple ( XRP/USD) today is 11.52%, Ethereum (ETH/USD) - 9%, and Litecoin (LTC/USD) - just 1.51%. But it is this “lightness” that allows them to demonstrate greater dynamics. Thus, the amplitude within the weekly fluctuations of the Ripple was 25%, and of Ethereum - 22%, which, of course, is very attractive for traders.
As for the forecast for the coming week, summarizing the opinions of a number of analysts, as well as forecasts made on the basis of a variety of methods of technical and graphical analysis, we can say the following:
- EUR/USD. The upcoming week is filled with both issuing of important macroeconomic data, and equally important speeches by politicians and key figures of the world economy. Thus, the market is waiting for the Head of FED Jerome Powell to speak in the US Congress on Tuesday February 26. And if he makes it clear that the Fed is not going to hurry with the rate hike, this can create quite a lot of pressure on the US currency.
However, only 30% of analysts expect that such a “dovish” attitude will lead to the growth of the pair to the Pivot Point of the medium-term channel in the 1.1400 zone and its further advance to the upper boundary of the 1.1500 channel. Most experts (70%) have taken the opposite position, believing that the weakening of the European economy and chaos with Brexit will tilt the balance in favor of the dollar, and the pair will return to the lows of recent months in the 1.1215-1.1240 area;
- GBP/USD. The key events that will determine the trend of the coming week will be the speech of the British Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday, February 26, and the vote of the Parliament of this country to review the deal with the EU on Tuesday. If Mrs. May’s proposals are rejected again, she will have a choice: either exit without a deal, or postponement of the Brexit. Judging by the mood of the market, most investors tend to the second option (or just want to believe in it). Whatever it may be, 40% of the experts believe that the pound will hold out at current levels near 1.3000 and 35% even predict his further growth to the height of 1.3200. Only 25% of analysts voted for the fall of the pair to the zone of 1.2770-1.2830.
Additional support for the pound may be rendered by a rise in prices for the "black gold", since the pound is directly correlated with oil prices.   
- USD/JPY. The Japanese currency has frozen in anticipation of further developments. The worsening macroeconomic statistics of the United States, Germany, which has barely avoided a recession, Trump’s trade war with Europe and China, China’s slowest GDP growth over the past three decades — all these factors make investors pessimistic about the prospects for the global economy. It would seem that in such a situation, interest in the yen should grow as a safe haven currency. But instead, their appetites for risky, but more profitable assets are growing. Thus, according to the EPFR data, the net capital inflow to the countries with developing economies through ETF exchange funds has amounted to 16 billion US dollars from the beginning of the year.
In such a situation, in full agreement with most indicators and graphical analysis on D1, 70% of experts vote for a further fall of the yen and the rise of the pair to the height of 111.50 and then 100 points higher. An alternative point of view is expressed by 30% of analysts, who believe that the pair should go down to the zone of 109.60-110.00; 


- Cryptocurrencies. After JPMorgan has launched JPM Coin, the crypto community expects similar steps from Facebook, Amazon and other major global corporations. But this is all in a hazy future. In the meantime, regulators such as the SEC and CFTC must make a lot of steps, including unpopular ones, to bring order to this market.
Regarding the trends of the upcoming week, the opinions of experts were as follows. 40% are for the continuation of the Bitcoin growth to the $4,200-4,400 zone, a jerk to the maximum of November 2018 is not excluded. at the height of $4,485. 35% suggest sideways movement of the pair in the $3,900-4,100 channel, while the remaining 25% expect the BTC/USD pair to return to the $3,500-3,800 zone.
Roman Butko, NordFX
Notice: These materials should not be deemed a recommendation for investment or guidance for working on financial markets: they are for informative purposes only. Trading on financial markets is risky and can lead to a loss of money deposited.
#eurusd #gbpusd #usdjpy #usdchf #forex #forex_example #signals #forex #cryptocurrencies #bitcoin

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21 February 2019 - 09:19 AM

NordFX Presents Its New FinTech Developments in Thailand

The brokerage company NordFX traditionally took part at the specialized Forex expo, Traders' Fair-2019, which was held in mid-February in the capital and the largest city of Thailand, Bangkok.
In addition to the already well-known in the Asian market and well-established services for online currency trading in the Forex market, this time NordFX experts presented a whole line of the company's new products that were introduced in the second half of 2018. Among them:
- the latest RAMM trading and investment platform with automatic risk control,
- professional exchange trading in cryptocurrencies and crypto indexes based on the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms,
- CFD trading instruments, including oil contracts and major global stock indices, such as Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, DAX, NASDAQ-100 and Nikkei 225,
- as well as portfolio and point investments in stocks of most reliable and promising global brands, including Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, Amazon, MasterCard, Visa, Google, Facebook, PayPal, Boeing, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and many others, providing, along with high income, the possibility of 100% protection of investors' capital.


“This year, about 2,000 people visited the Traders' Fair,” says NordFX Head of Thailand Mr.Chai, "which provided excellent opportunities for communication with both our clients and traders who are just about to open a trading account with us. It is especially important that we not only told them about our new products, but also were able to listen to their wishes, thereby defining directions for the further development of our company. 
We were also able to strengthen the existing partnerships and establish new ones, which is a very important factor for the promotion of NordFX services not only in Thailand, but throughout the entire Southeast Asia region.
I would like to thank everyone who has already chosen or is going to choose NordFX as their broker. I am sure you will not be disappointed in your decision. And we will do our best to meet your expectations not by 100, but by 150 or even 200 percent!”
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