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Lukkx - Cryptocurrency Lending And Multi-Level Referral Program

01 November 2019 - 08:32 PM

Lukkx is an investment project of the Lukki exchange that involves the lending and referral programs where users can get additional income. Clients receive profit in the native token of the exchange - LOT. 


Lending Conditions

LOT Lending allows one to buy and freeze LOT cryptocurrency, and receive dividends for it!

Using the lending feature, users can buy LOT for BTC / ETH / USDT directly from the balance of the exchange account and freeze LOT on a special exchange account for a period of 11 months. During this period, investors are receiving weekly dividends in LOT.

If the user already has LOT, he can also use them for freezing.

Lending offers an interest rate of up to 9% in the first three months of freezing the cryptocurrency and up to 6% in the remaining 8 months. At the end of the lending period, the investor receives his frozen funds, as well as dividends for the entire lending period. The minimum investment is equivalent to $25.


The monthly interest rate makes up 5-9%. 

Also, when the user buys the first package, he receives a bonus of 0.5% to the interest rate for a first package.

Moreover, all bonuses and promotions are summed up with investor’s dividends and credited to the investor’s wallet after the expiration of the lending period.

We have developed a system of levels that are assigned depending on the number of LOT that the investor sent to the lending page.

Business Opportunity

Lukkx is useful and already functioning which is a comparative advantage over competitors. A user-friendly interface is another pros, as it is easy to start and attract new people without any additional trainings.

Lukkx offers the following advantages for its clients:

  • Minimum entry threshold

There is no need to go through a long training period to attract users. Lukkx makes the process of entry as convenient as possible. There is also a chance to attract people online.

  • Maximum profit with minimum investments

  • Instant payout

On-time payments to the exchange wallet in BTC/ETH/USDT/LOT.

  • Active marketing support

Lukkx regularly holds events, webinars, meet opinion leaders so that the product could be easily sold.

  • Transparent conditions

Lukkx creates a simple and transparent linear referral program without pitfalls, contradictory rules or any ambiguities in the system.

Terms of the Referral Program

Regarding the participants of the program, referrers and referrals are members of it. A referral is a system user invited by the referrer, while a referrer can only be a user who has an investment in the system.

A referrer can start inviting users if he lent a minimum amount of LOT ($25 equivalent). 

An invitation is to register a referral in the system using a referral code unique for each referrer.

Referrals in relation to the referrer are divided into 5 levels. All users invited directly by the referrer are level 1 referrals. Users invited by a referral of the first levels are level 2 referrals with respect to the referrer, etc.

The referrer receives bonuses for the investment of his referrals, regardless of their amount.

Overall, there are 2 types of bonuses: 


The bonus constitutes 12%/8%/5% of the referral investment of 1/2/3 level. The bonus currency is the same as the investment currency and it’s credited to a separate user account and can be withdrawn to the exchange wallet at any time.


The following type of bonuses is credited to the account and is frozen until the end of the 11 months lending period at the referral. The amount of reward makes up 3%/2%/1%/0.5%/0.5% for referrals of 1/2/3/4/5 level. In case of cancellation of the lending package, the token bonus l is withdrawn from the referrer. 


Win-Win Investment Solution

As a whole, Lukkx offers a win-win solution for both investors and referrals: 

  • From the side of the investor

The investor receives 70% in the token with true volatility and huge growth potential. The number of tokens is limited and the lending will work until the token is fully distributed.

  • From the side of the referral 

A referral gets good bonuses and can invite other referrals due to the well-developed multi-referral system. The chance of getting profit is maximum while the entry threshold and risks are minimized.

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