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Established on 28th of March 2010 as "paid to post" forum, ITalkMoney had soon turned into one of the best places to discuss online money making opportunities. Here you will find many ways of earning good income on Internet, like various investment opportunities, online gambling and betting, playing with HYIPs or discuss Forex. You can interact with many famous Forex brokers, discuss different trading styles and platforms, EAs, binary options, stock market and indices. There are also various "Get paid To..." opportunities and don't forget the advertising section where you can advertise your own opportunities and look for referrals. Join in and have fun!

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In Topic: Four simple steps to rake in over $1000 into your liberty

02 April 2012 - 11:14 AM

Sounds like a total scam to me. A ponzi scheme I guess?
@squeaky, I doubt anything is paying.. As he said, one needs to promote their referral link in order to get a huge earning. And this is not special or new to any of us. Just like any other sites, if you want to earn lots: refer....
Still don't understand about the whole concept of this method though...

In Topic: Profit 7 Days -

02 April 2012 - 10:55 AM

This website really nothing special and surprising to attract my full attention. They offer a mixture of hourly, short term and mid term plans, so I do not know if this website is supposed to be a short term one or a mid term one. One thing for sure is it will never survive in the long run.

I think this website is supposed to be short term.. I dont think 7 days or 14 days is condidered mid term? And plus you said it has hourly option. That makes it really risky? And for a site to have that many options to invest, Im not even sure whether that is good, or just making it worse

@bulastika, I think having 5 hyip monitors is enough? haha, anyway as shown my hyipyeah, who is posing payment proof in the wrong section, the site seems to be still paying, but again, u said it wont last in the long run. But no HYIP does anyway.....

In Topic: CyclerInvest -

02 April 2012 - 10:42 AM

well just because the other two are newbies doesn't necessarily mean that their opinions are not valid or not as good as others like the veteran members. Anyway, it doesn't matter whether you belive what they said because the cycler hasnt even launched. At the moment they are still pre-launch, and so nobody actually know whether they will be paying or not. Pretty quickly though, the cycler will be full and probably become stuck anyway.

In Topic: ImageHyper –

02 April 2012 - 10:35 AM

I think I am a member here but its been so long I cant really remember. I think I must have forgot about it because I couldnt understand or know how to use it. The main problems I ahd with these image sites is that I don't know how to get views with it. I dont know where to put it to get the most views. I sometimes end up having to click 1 or 2 myself....
But if u live in a country where the rate is really low, that is really annoying as well...

In Topic: Earn while browsing

02 April 2012 - 10:30 AM

I heard that in order to get paid, one needs to upgrade, meaning need to invest in it first. This doesn't sound too conving though at first, because I looked it up on some other sites and some people claim it is not a very good site to earn.
Also, the layout of the site looks horrible. Doesn't look serious at all... - Nemokamas lankytoju skaitliukas Increase Page Rank Trust Seal Website Security Test ??????? Google


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