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Established on 28th of March 2010 as "paid to post" forum, ITalkMoney had soon turned into one of the best places to discuss online money making opportunities. Here you will find many ways of earning good income on Internet, like various investment opportunities, online gambling and betting, playing with HYIPs or discuss Forex. You can interact with many famous Forex brokers, discuss different trading styles and platforms, EAs, binary options, stock market and indices. There are also various "Get paid To..." opportunities and don't forget the advertising section where you can advertise your own opportunities and look for referrals. Join in and have fun!

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Forum Rules

Date added: 07 December 2012 - 06:20 AM
Date updated: 11 July 2020 - 12:28 PM
RULES to be followed on ITALKMONEY.COM

(These Rules are subject to change without notice!)


1. First and Foremost


We recommend you to use Gmail for registering.

When registering, do not use full website name as your username. For instance "mysite" is ok, "" or "mysitedotnet" or similar combination containing full website name is not ok. Users violating this rule will be banned immediately. This rule does not apply to upgraded members.

Usernames must be in good taste and they cannot impersonate ITM administrators or moderators or any other member. * Determination of appropriateness is at the sole discretion of ITM Staff.

Do NOT use same password on more than one site. You ARE responsible for your forum account safety. Claims like "my account was hacked" will not get you out of trouble.

2. Posting New Topics

POSTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH Forum is an international forum. Please make posts only in English. You may post in your mother tongue language in the appropriate sections in the International Chat section only.

You are allowed to use automatic online translation tools, but if the end result makes no sense in English, you will NOT be paid for the posts you make in PAID TO POST sections of ITalkMoney forum. Use those tools on your own risk. It is for your own good if you actually improve your English language knowledge.


Make sure you search the forum first to make sure you won't be making a duplicate thread. Do not double post the same thing in multiple sections. DO NOT open a new topic just because a programme started a new "round" or happens to be in the Inactive section of the forum. If a thread is inactive and needs to be moved to the current section, use the REPORT button so that ITalkMoney can take the appropriate action. Repetitive opening of duplicate threads or double posting will get you warned, and may get you banned eventually.


When announcing a new programme on the forum, please follow the proper format or your thread will be deleted without notice. The title line has to have the name of the programme and then the URL, nothing else. The 2nd line or sub-title should show payment processors, investment plan, and any other relevant info.


ITalkMoney - (no ref link in the title!!!)

Liberty Reserve, Strict Pay, AlertPay. Forced 2x2 matrix


Don't start a topic to list multiple programmes, as these would be impossible to keep organized. Each programme should belong in its own separate thread; make sure the programme hasn't been posted previously. Do not post multiple versions of the same URL on a subdomain; they should belong in the same programme thread where the main URL is listed.


• Any type of hacking software or script or anything else that could be used for illegal activities

• A new thread that doesn't explain the programme or its details, and tells members to contact you for more information.

• PayPal (or any other type) Chain Letter Schemes.

• A programme in pre-Launch unless there is an active website link for members to sign-up. Do not post splash pages or capture pages that do not give any information on the programme.

3. Referral Links, Signatures, Avatars & Hijacking


Affiliate or Referral links are ONLY allowed in the programme sections (HYIP/Non-HYIP, Autosurf, GPT, MLM, Cyclers, Games, and Free Giveaway), the Social Networking Sections and Internet Marketing & Promotion Subforums. DO NOT post referral links in any other section of ITM. Only the thread starter can post his/her referral link, and that too, ONLY in the first/opening post of the topic. This also applies if the programme is announced by the programme admin. A programme admin cannot post another member's referral ID in his/her post.

It is NOT allowed to cloak/hide your referral link using ANY URL shortening service!


You may post up to 500 characters of text using a font size 3 or smaller. You may put anything in your signature as long as it does not promote crime, hate, porn or warez sites or deliberately insult other forum members. You can have maximum two lines of signature. No banners of any kind are allowed.

In addition to the above, you may put ONE banner in your signature if you have an upgraded ITM membership only. Lifetime upgraded members are allowed to have two banners in their signature. The banner(s) must be of standard size which is 468 x 60 pixels horizontally.

Do not use any form of signature advertising services, do not sell your signature space or allow other people to advertise in your signature.

Administrators keep the right to remove anybody's signature without explanation.


Avatars can not have excessive flashing effects. Do not use offensive, racist or pornographic avatars. All text in avatars must be in English or in one of the languages administrators understand.

Do not use avatars that are your (or someone else's) website logo or avatars containing your site URL. This does not apply to upgraded members.

Do NOT use avatars that contain registered TradeMarks.

Administrators keep the right to remove anybody's avatar without explanation.


Put your real location in your profile, or do not put any. Cheaters will be warned, and then banned.

Do not put your website URL in your location. This does not apply to upgraded members.


Do NOT hijack any thread by placing your referral links. You should not post "cashback offers" in the programme threads. If you need to make such an offer, make it in the benefactor section.

DO NOT post asking people to contact you, click on your signature, join under you, sponsor you, make you an offer, or anything similar in the programme threads.

Team/Co-op discussion or downline updates do not belong in the programme threads. Do not mention teams or co-ops by name, compare various teams or co-ops, or draw any unnecessary attention to teams or co-ops. This is considered hijacking since there are usually multiple teams or co-ops working a programme. ITM has a section dedicated for teambuilding.


Do not plagiarise (copy/paste) texts from other Internet sources, including other forums, and present them as your own. If you are copying some text, then you must include link to the original source.

Penalties will be given for plagiarism in PTP forum sections. Repeated offenders will be warned then banned.

You are allowed to copy/paste YOUR OWN posts from one forum to another. However, that is not encouraged due to the fact that Google does NOT like duplicate (exactly the same) content to be found on several websites, and will penalise the site where that content showed up the latest. Therefore, if you do copy/paste, you can not expect full payment from the ITalkMoney forum. Also, members who show no intention to actually engage in a discussion and ONLY copy/paste their own posts from other forums will receive additional penalty/deduction.


You are only allowed to post payment proofs in "I Have Been Paid By !!" section. Putting payment proofs in other sections is not allowed and you will receive penalty/infraction if you do so in PTP part of the Forum. Remember, DO NOT post fake payment proofs! You will be caught and penalised severely. Those payment proofs MUST also be your own payment proofs, not payment proofs "borrowed" from some other members from other forums.

However, you are allowed to put the proof of your investment in a programme discussion section.

4. Spam

Do NOT post spam on the forum or send spam via PM; you will be banned without notice. Do not "bump" threads by making pointless posts just to bring a thread back to the top of the topic index. Short and repetitive posts such as "I agree", "I'm in", "Where is admin", "Yes that is true" or anything similar are considered spam and are unacceptable. These posts do not contribute anything to the community and are a waste of space.

Do NOT offer to pay ITM members to post, and on the other hand, ITM members should not accept payment for posting. This encourages spam and useless posts, and is not acceptable by ITM. We feel this type of a "promotion" is dishonest and deceitful. Paid posters and the admin who hire them will be banned without notice.

Do NOT post about your monitor service in the programme threads, and do not PM the admin about your monitor. This is all considered spam. If you would like to make an offer to the programme's admin, do not use ITM for this purpose. Please contact the programme's admin directly through "e-mail" or "support" on their site ONLY.

Do NOT post anything that is not related to the topics. This includes promotional messages, links to your own website and spreading lies. All spam will be removed immediately. All those who spam us will get their email addresses listed in our Spammers page, so that the email harvesting software pick their emails up and send them spam.

5. Professional Conduct


Multiple accounts/identities are usually used to deceive members and this will not be allowed in ITM forum. If you are found to have multiple accounts, all of them will be banned without notice, as well as any newly created after that. If you have created two or more accounts, due to one reason or another, inform admins about it and state which one you want to keep.


There will be no personal attacks, name-calling, racist remarks, fighting, making threats or using foul language. We have a diverse community here with differing opinions and thoughts. Everyone is entitled to state their opinion, even if it is an opposing opinion, as long as the ITM Forum Rules are respected. Determination of what constitutes a personal attack, name-calling, etc. is at the sole discretion of ITM Staff.

However, if you consider that you have been subject of abuse from a forum moderator you have the right to complain to forum administrators. Any decision made by forum administrators if final.

Rules presented here are to be respected and not publicly discussed about. However, feel free to PM administrators with any proposal for change and/or upgrade of Forum Rules.


Stating your opinion and trolling are different things. If you are bringing a constant and negative attitude to the forums by continually posting the same repetitive information, we will consider it trolling. Do not spread lies and rumours and if you believe something is a scam or someone is not telling the truth, then please post the proof to back up your statement. Determination of trolling is at the sole discretion of ITM Staff.


1. Advertising/selling information/data from stolen credit cards.

2. Advertising of any kind of medications (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.)

3. Any kind of phishing attempt, either directly in the forum or by sending private messages to forum members.

4. Posting p0rn of any kind.

6. Miscellaneous


You do all and any currency exchange on your own risk. ITM will not guarantee it nor will be able to help you if you get scammed/cheated.


Do not create posts or send PM to member asking them for a bonus, money or other offers, and do not ask to be benefactored into a programme. Check the benefactor section for offers made by our members.



ITM is organised to help you sort through different investment opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Programmes are separated into several different categories based on the characteristics of the programme. Our current categories include: HYIPs, Autosurfs, Investment Programmes (non-HYIP), Referral, MLM & Network marketing, Money Cyclers, and Other GPT (get paid to). If you are looking for a certain type of programme, it would be best that you start reading in the best category that fits your needs.

Please understand that ITM is not a programme monitor and has no way of monitoring which programmes are paying and which are not. When making an investment decision, it is your responsibility to research and collect as much information as possible about a programme and then make your own decision.

If and when a staff member finds a programme administrator with multiple usernames, or someone who is hiring paid posters to try and mislead people, they will edit the first post of the thread and insert a red, bold, caution message with a description of what the issue is. What you decide to do with this information is purely up to you. This information can greatly aid your decision-making, so it is important that you check the first post of every thread. At our discretion, ITM may move the thread out of the active forum when this situation is found.


In each programme category, you will find a sub-folder at the top that contains Closed, Inactive, and Offline Programmes.

Closed programmes are programmes whose administrators have officially announced the end to their programmes.

Inactive programmes are programmes whose thread on ITM has not had a single post for a period of 4+ weeks.

Offline programmes are programmes whose websites have been down for a minimum of 7 days.

If you feel a programme is miscategorised, feel free to use the report button, and a staff member will take a look at the thread.


We realize that ITM is a large forum with thousands of topics. If you are looking for a specific thread, you can click on the Search Link at the very top of the forum. The search function allows you to input a number of different variables to help aid you in finding a specific thread.


ITM like any other large community will have some people, for whatever reason, that break the rules. Our goal is to make ITM organized and friendly as far as possible but with thousands of posts every day, it is impossible for the staff to monitor every single post made. As such, the staff relies on the eyes and ears of the members to help make sure things run smoothly and efficiently.

If you ever notice someone violating the rules, we would greatly appreciate if you would take a few extra seconds and report the problem to the staff. This community is what you make out of it. While you aren't required to help out, ITM will be a better place if you do.

You do not need to worry about being a tattletale. A reporters' confidentiality is always protected. ITM members have no way of knowing who reported a post.

Please don't PM the individual staff members about a problem on the forum, just use the REPORT button.

How to report

Making a report is simple an easy. All you need to do is:

1) Click on the Report button at the bottom left hand corner of the offending post.

2) Type up a short description on the problem

3) Click the Submit Report button.

That's it! You are done, and the staff will handle it from here.


If at any time you are given a warning for violating the rules, don't make a big deal out of it. Warnings are used as a tool to help members become more aware of our forum rules.

Only you and the moderating team can see your warning level, so it is not a scarlet mark. If you don't say anything about it, nobody will know. Your warning level may be reduced over time if you can show us that you understand the rules and do not break them for a 30-60 day period.

If this time period has passed, and you feel your warning level should be lowered, you may kindly send a PM to one of our staff members and they will evaluate if it should be reduced or not.


One important clarification. You do NOT work in, or for ITM, nor you should consider your participation in the forum as "working". You are also not employed by ITM nor you will receive any kind of salary from ITM.

Money you get from ITM for participation in PTP sections shall only be considered as courtesy payment from ITM for your time and efforts spent here.

"Paid To Post" may be canceled at any time, without previous notification, or post rates may be changed.

Right now, (as of 17th of February 2011), PTP sections in ITM Forum are: (Titles ARE clickable)

1) Hyips, Autosurfs & Other Ways to Earn with the "High-Risk Industry

2) MoneyMaking: Markets, Real Estate, Banking, and Investments

3) Payment Processors & Currency Exchange

4) 1 Cent Zone - Other Ways to Earn Money Online

Of course, all sub-sections in those four main sections are also part of "paid to post" scheme, except Lucrative RCB offer.

You can request payout at 100 Posts counts !!!

A forum member is allowed to open maximum 5 new threads per 24 hours in PTP sections! That means TOTAL of 5 new threads in 24 hours in ALL PTP SECTIONS COMBINED, not 5 new threads in every PTP section !!!

You will be paid between 3 and 10 cents per post, upgraded members will be paid between 5 and 20 cents. ITM reserves the right to allocate 0 cents for certain posts that are deemed not worthy.


=======Posts that will get you 0 cents fall into this category:=======

Hello here is new PTC:                                                                                                                             Hello this is new HYIP:

1 Cent per click                                                                                                                                         2% Per day

1 Cent per referral click                                                                                                                             5% Referral commission

10$ Minimum payout                                                                                                                                 60 Days investment term

Register here: http://www.blahblahb...

This is considered as senseless post (copy/paste) and will get you 0 cents.

What you should do is this:

Website description

Your own review or comments (Not this is good programme, this is spam, etc)

Without review your post will be considered as copy/paste.

Investment/advertising details (Include some details, minimum investment, payment processors, advertising prices in case of PTC programme, etc.)

Website URL (It must contain your own referral link, because if it doesn't then you didn't join the programme and review is fake or copy/paste.


Once you reach 100 or more posts in "paid to post" sections of ITM forum, you may ask for the payment, or make payout request ONLY in 100 Posts Request thread. Payout requests made in another sections or threads, will not be considered.

You can request to be paid in following e-currencies:

LibertyReserve (LR) - no fee other than LR's receiving fee,

PerfectMoney (PM) - no fee other than PM's receiving fee,

AlertPay (AP) - no fee other than AP's receiving fee,

PayPal (PP) - 5% fee and PP's receiving fee, on top of that your PP account must be able to accept payments from credit card. If unsure contact PP's support.

Be aware that if you violate Forum Rules in PTP sections you will receive penalties/infractions, as follows:

Penalties/infractions table: 1 Point = 1 Cent

Spam/short post = - 2 Points

Plagiarism (copy/paste) other posts = - 5 points

Advertising in wrong place = - 5 points

Duplicate thread = - 2 points

Wrong thread title = - 1 point

Thread in wrong section = - 2 points

Thread without YOUR OWN referral link = - 2 points (Doesn't apply for programs without referral system)

Thread with broken or non-clickable link URL = - 2 points

Thread without YOUR OWN referral link AND with broken/unclickable link = - 3 points

Inappropriate/wrong Language = - 2 points (Doesn't apply for International Forum)

Insulting = - 5 points

Illegal Material = - 5 points

Signature rule violation = - 2 points

Spam via private messages ( PM ) = - 5 points

Post with multiple violation of rules = - 10 points

Opening more than 5 new threads in PTP sections = - 10 points per extra thread

Fake payment proof = - 20 points

Members who are caught copy/pasting posts from other users, from other forums, will have their payment request DENIED. The same apply to members who post someone else's genuine payment proofs as their own.

70-50 rule:

Starting from 5th payment request, or 400 messages made in "paid to post" sections (whichever comes first), every member whose payout request consists of 70% or more posts in "Get Paid to Post" section, will suffer 50% deduction of his/hers payment!

For instance, you made 100 posts, out of which 75 were in "Get Paid to Post" section. Let's say you were supposed to get paid $3.60. Instead you will be paid $1.80

This rule will be implemented from 10th of July 2010.

This rule also applies to upgraded members, starting from 6 months upgrade and up, but only AFTER upgraded member has reached "Break Even Point" (That is, received the same or bigger amount of money from ITM than it was spent for the upgrade).

---> These rules are subject to change without notice. <---

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